Curling iron for root volume – how to use it correctly?

Choosing a curling iron-corrugation1To add volume to the hairstyle, it is not necessary to use bouffant, after which the hair is injured, breaks and becomes lifeless. Today, you can resort to a little trick – a corrugated curling iron, which will help you quickly and efficiently cope with the task at hand.

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What is a corrugated curling iron?

This tool is an iron, the plates of which have a zigzag pattern.

The hair, pinched between the hot plates, takes on a crimped texture.

Using this effect, you can create a neat root volume, and the corrugated roots are very easy to disguise.

Types of plyek-corrugation

There are several types of this device. They differ from each other in the size of the zigzag and the width of the plate. Accordingly, the effect of their use is also different.

1. Large corrugation

This curling iron is not intended to create root volume, but to impart a wavy texture along the entire length of the hair.

Usually it has a wide plate (from 5 cm), on which 1 or 2 zigzags are located.

Large corrugation

Allows you to get beautiful styling, wavy hair in a short time.

2. Medium ripple

Medium ripple has a plate width of about 3 to 5 cm, allows you to create root volume, but is more often used to create complex hairstyles.

When creating festive hairstyles, this device is often indispensable for hairdressers. In domestic use, the effect of using a curling iron can be noticeable and not look aesthetically pleasing.

Medium ripple

Medium ripple is also suitable for creative hairstyles in which a noticeable ribbing of the hair will be an advantage.

3. Small corrugation

Finally, a small corrugation with a width of plates from 1.5 to 2.5 cm. This is the miracle device capable of creating an inconspicuous root volume.

Small ripple

The plates are threaded in a very fine zigzag pattern. Therefore, due to such a surface of the plates, after creating volume with this device, it will be very difficult to notice the modified texture of the hair roots.

Shallow ripples are best for everyday use.

How to choose a curling iron for home use?

When choosing a curling iron, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the hair, as well as what exactly you want to use it for. This will help to greatly facilitate the search for the desired device among all their variety, presented in stores.

How to choose a corrugated curling iron

Simple tips on how to choose a corrugated curling iron:

  1. Pay attention to the coating of the plates… It can be metallic, ceramic, Teflon or tourmaline. The last three are considered the safest to use, however, ceramic is considered fragile, and Teflon quickly loses its performance. Tourmaline is considered the best today, but devices with such a coating are the most expensive. If you have damaged, thin or weakened hair, buy only a tourmaline or ceramic coated appliance.
  2. The longer your hair, the wider the plate of the purchased device should be… Long hair, as a rule, is heavier than short hair, therefore the volume at the roots should occupy a slightly larger surface.
  3. Give preference to temperature-controlled curling irons… This will help protect your hair from excessive heat exposure.

How to create root volume?

With the help of a corrugated curling iron, it becomes very easy to add root volume to the hairstyle.

How to create a root volume with a curling iron-corrugation1

Under thermal influence, the hair becomes zigzag – and rises:

  • Wash and dry your hair. Do not use corrugation on wet hair. Make sure your hair is clean.
  • Comb the entire length of your hair.
  • Divide your head into zones: bangs, middle, back of the head. Mark the parting. Secure the bangs and the back of the head with clips or elastic bands.
  • Work in the middle of the head. Mark the parting. Start at the side of the hair: the strands next to the ears. Take a strand, clamp it between the hot plates for 7-10 seconds. Work through the entire area, with the exception of the strands on both sides directly at the parting: they are designed to hide small ripples.
  • If the hairstyle includes curls, do them after creating volume.
  • Spray your hair lightly with hairspray.

Precautions when using the corrugated curling iron

Pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Do not use the device on damp or wet hair, as this can severely damage them, but there will be no effect.
  2. Do not place the curling iron too close to the scalp, as it can easily get burned.
  3. Do not use the appliance on a daily basis, as regular heat exposure can damage your hair.
  4. Do not touch the ripple with wet hands.
  5. With regular use (more than three times a week), treat hair with a heat protectant.

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