Customer Appreciation Day Jimmy John’s 2018

Today is the national Customer Appreciation Day at Jimmy John’s. Customers can get a sub for $1 at participating locations. They can choose from menu items 1 through 6 – including Plain Slims, BLTs, and more – for just $1. However, the deal does not apply to delivery orders or to online orders. The sale is valid at participating locations only. As a bonus, the company is also offering a special teacher’s discount.

To show their gratitude, Jimmy John’s is offering a $1 sub at participating locations. The offer is valid on select sandwiches in the Slim line and is available for purchase in-store only. There is also a limit of one sub per person. If you’re planning to celebrate Customer Appreciation Day at Jimmy John’s, you have a few options. You can get a free sandwich by purchasing a Slim line of six sandwiches during the sale.

Jimmy John’s is celebrating Customer Appreciation Day on April 21 by selling sandwiches for $1. The promotion is available at participating Jimmy’s locations from 4pm to 8pm. Just be sure to buy one at your local franchise location – you might get a free sub or two for your money! Just make sure to mention the promo on social media so people know you’re thankful for their business.

This year’s Jimmy John’s Customer Appreciation Day will feature sandwiches for just $1. On April 21, the chain will sell one of its famous sandwiches for just one dollar! Whether you’re buying a sandwich or grabbing a free sandwich on the way home, you’ll be thankful. This is an opportunity to celebrate the customer and show your appreciation. You may get a free sub by just ordering a Slim line of six and paying a few dollars extra!

On Customer Appreciation Day, Jimmy John’s is offering customers a free sandwich. The promotion is available to customers at participating Jimmy John’s locations. It is applicable to the slim line of six sandwiches and can only be purchased in-store. A customer can buy only one sub per visit. During the promotion, it is important to mention the conditions. However, if you are looking for a discount, you should check with the store you frequent.

For those in need of a cheap sandwich, consider Jimmy John’s Customer Appreciation Day. On this day, you can get a sub for a dollar at participating Jimmy John’s locations. The special price is only available on in-store purchases. While it is possible that you can buy the sandwich for only one dollar, it is not recommended to buy a whole new sub.

For those of you who are wondering if Jimmy John’s is offering a Customer Appreciation Day special, don’t forget to check out its Facebook page for the latest updates. The company will offer a $1 sub to customers in local franchise locations on April 21, but there is no guarantee of when it will offer it. Whether they will do so, it remains to be seen. It will be an annual event that customers will love.

If you are a fan of Jimmy John’s, you might want to mark this date in your calendar. Many franchises are planning to offer a special deal, so be sure to look for that. For now, the company is offering a $1 sub at its stores. While it is not a great deal, it is a nice gesture to say thanks to customers. The sandwich is not the only thing you can give on Customer Appreciation Day, but it will make customers happy.

If you’re looking for a great lunch or dinner, you might want to visit Jimmy John’s for Customer Appreciation Day. On April 21, the chain will offer a special deal for customers who order a sandwich for one dollar. On the day of the celebration, the company will also have several discounts on other items. Depending on the time of year, the promotion may be limited to a specific location.

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