Damien Woody Net Worth

Damien Woody has a very high net worth and is one of the wealthiest players in the National Football League. Born on November 3, 1977, Damien Woody has made a career out of playing football. He has earned a lot of money and his net worth is set to increase in the next few years. Damien has a wildly successful career and his net worth is set to grow even further.

Woody was born on November 3, 1977, in Beaverdam, Virginia. He is a son of Nancy and Wilson Starkes. He is a member of the New England Patriots and is ranked #10 on the ESPN list of the best players in American football. He was born a Scorpio, which makes him a lucky number for a player with his birth sign. Damien Woody has been playing football for a very long time, and he has a very high net worth for someone of his age.

In 1999, Damien Woody made his NFL debut. He was selected by the new England Patriots, as the seventeenth overall pick. He played both on the offensive line and middle. He was injured in the 2006 season, and missed the entire year. He did play in two Super Bowls, winning two of them. Damien Woody net worth has steadily increased in recent years, as he has continued to play on ESPN radio and NFL Live.

In addition to playing in the NFL, Woody has also made some big bucks from his TV appearances. He appeared in the reality TV show “The Biggest Loser” in fall 2014 and lost over 100 pounds. He is married to Nicole Woody and they live in Mendham Borough, New Jersey. Woody is also a father to six children with his wife Nicole. Woody net worth is $2 million.

A frequent social media user, Damien Woody shares pictures of his family on Instagram. He shared a birthday message to his wife Nicole on 20 May 2018. In the same way, he described Nicole as aging backwards, which has made her a celebrity. Damien Woody is a family man and is extremely fond of his children. He enjoys spending time with them and documents his day well on Instagram.

According to Wikipedia, Damien Woody is an NFL player who earned over $30 million from playing football. He played for the New England Patriots, Detroit Lions, and New York Jets. Before he joined the NFL, he played college football for Boston College. He was drafted as a center by the Patriots in the 1999 NFL Draft and played every offensive line position except left tackle. His career lasted five seasons and he was named to the Pro Bowl in 2004.

In 2011, he was injured in a game against the Indianapolis Colts and was placed on the injured reserve list. He was then released from the NFL on February 28. Damien Woody has the highest net worth of any player on the NFL. His birthday is celebrated on November 3, every year. In August 2011, Woody joined ESPN as an NFL analyst. His work is featured on NFL Live and SportsCenter. He has also received numerous awards for his work in the NFL.

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