Dark circles under the eyes – how to mask with makeup?

How to hide dark circles under the eyesAn even complexion is the basis for a high-quality and beautiful make-up. You can apply as many foundation as you like on your face, but something will be missing for a blooming appearance.

Take a closer look: are dark circles visible under the eyes? After all, it is usually difficult to cover them with foundation. For this, there are special tools and techniques.

Choosing a remedy

Usually, depending on the required coverage density, one of two products is used: a concealer or a corrector.

Concealer – the right texture

Concealer is a liquid pigmented product that resembles a foundation, but has a lighter texture. It usually comes in a convenient bottle with an applicator for application.

For good results, it is recommended to purchase a concealer 2 tones lighter than the foundation. The fact is that the skin around the eyes is usually darker and thinner than on the entire face. That is why the foundation cannot cope with overlapping such pigmentation, it simply cannot even out this difference in shades.

How to mask dark circles

In addition, the foundation creates too dense coverage for such a delicate area.

Proofreader – pros and cons

The corrector is a dense and greasy cream product. Produced in special palettes or single refills.

Concealer is best used to brighten other areas of the face, as it is not suitable for use in everyday makeup for the area around the eyes. The corrector is too dense, so it will dry out the delicate skin of this area.

How to disguise dark circles under the eyes

Such a product for application around the eyes may be suitable only for one-off occasions, for example, for stage performances.

How to choose the right shade of the product?

So, we need a shade 2 tones lighter than the tonal base.

Since the concealer is very pigmented, it usually does its job well with a small amount. The application technique plays a very important role here.

However, many have heard about color concealers and correctors. To be honest, their role is somewhat overestimated and over-praised by foreign Instagram bloggers. The fact is that such makeup implies a significant multi-layer: it is not enough to apply a color corrector to the skin, it will still need to be covered with an ordinary concealer.

Color concealer aims to get rid of excess pigmentation. Makeup artists in this case resort to the rules of color, overlapping the shade opposite to it in the color wheel. So, circles with purple undertones are overlaid with concealer with a yellowish tint, with blue undertones – peach, and with green – pink.

How to hide under eye circles

When one shade is superimposed on another, a color overlap occurs. Accordingly, at the output we have a gray tint, which must be masked with an ordinary concealer. Is this agony worth such a significant waste of time?

Plus, if applied incorrectly, the funds can roll. In my opinion, it is better to choose a high-quality concealer for yourself and avoid such manipulations with color.

Covering under eye circles with makeup

Let’s say you’ve found a good liquid concealer of the right shade and texture.

How to hide under eye circles with makeup

To apply it correctly, follow the instructions below:

  1. Moisturize well around the eyes. Be sure to let the cream soak, or wipe off the excess with a cotton pad and wait a few more minutes. If you pre-apply foundation, avoid applying it to the eye area.
  2. Using the applicator, apply several “dots” of the product to the area around the eyes with light movements.
  3. You can blend with a brush, damp sponge, or finger. I recommend using your fingertips to do this because it’s easier to adjust the intensity. Hands must be clean.
  4. Use patting movements to drive the product into the skin of the transition into the skin and gently blend the foundation. Do not use “stretching” movements, only slaps. This will ensure an even and reliable coverage.
  5. The result can and should be fixed with powder. Moreover, there should be a minimum of it so that the product does not roll.

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