Dede Raad Net Worth

Dede Raad, an American blogger, blogs about lifestyle, beauty, hair, travel, and fashion. Raad is part of the Millenial generation. Her given name is derived from a Latin word that means ‘fat, ugly woman.’ She has a self-titled Instagram page. She has a net worth of approximately $3 million. With more than 4 million followers on Instagram, she has a large following.

Raad was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and later attended Saugatuck Middle School and L’Anse Creuse High School in suburban Detroit. Her father died in 2011, leaving her with her mother. In 2012, she returned to the midwest to complete her college education. Dede Raad received a Bachelor’s in communications from Michigan State University. She started her blog “Dress Up Buttercup” in 2010. Here she posts glamourous photos and videos of herself wearing various outfits.

Raad started receiving $1000 to $2000 per Instagram post in 2014. She started modeling for different brands in 2015 and also created a YouTube channel to interact directly with her followers. Dede is a well-known Instagram influencer because of her Instagram account. Dede began to earn from promoting brands, events and content through her Instagram account.

Raad is an entrepreneur. She is also involved in charity work via her blog and Instagram. Every month, she hosts a website giveaway, where she chooses a winner from those who ‘like’ all of her pictures. The proceeds from the contest go to a charity of her choice. Dede spent one night in Rome in 2008 when she was stuck there. She spent that night exploring the city with a complete stranger. Raad has also worked as a wedding planner for Miss USA.

Raad is a member of the Nigerian-American community. Her net worth comes from her brand, which has boosted her career. Her net worth is $1 million. The Jacksonville Jaguars also signed her to their roster. Despite her modest net worth, she has made a lot of money through her online presence. She has also made some extra money as a comedian and actor.

Her business is built on the Dress Up Buttercup blog. Her site has a large readership, which has helped her launch her own brand at Nordstrom. Raad has also collaborated with luxury hotels and launched a capsule collection at Nordstrom. Raad is modestly worth despite the many collaboration requests. If you are looking for the latest fashion trends and celebrity news, you should follow Raad’s blog.

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