Demis Karibidis about love, children and the meaning of life

Comedy Club resident Demis Karibidis is a sarcastic alpha male on stage, but in real life he is a wise and loving family man. In a new interview with Laura Jugelia, the man introduced us to his beautiful wife and adorable children, told the story of meeting his wife and remembered the past.

The show revealed the guest so well that Laura (who seems to many to be cold-blooded) had tears in her eyes more than once – from the touching moment, laughter or hard memories.

Demis Karibidis
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The story of love and relationships at a distance: “I fell in love on Skype”

Demis Karibidis and Pelageya got engaged in 2014: the showman made a marriage proposal to his beloved right during a performance at the Comedy Club festival! After the cherished “agree”, he invited the bride to the stage, where they danced to the accompaniment of the song “White Veil” performed by Soso Pavliashvili. Then it became clear: their great love was just beginning. A year later, they had a daughter, and then the girl had a sister and a brother.

But few people know how the couple met! And it happened when Demis was already swimming in money and rays of glory. He began to think that it was time to look for a wife: one who would pacify him with his Caucasian ardor, calm him down and help in difficult periods, of which there were many then.

“In the early years of Comedy, there was a cruel time – of course, sometimes it just blew me away,” the comedian shares. “KVN is a big school not only for life, but also for love. This is exactly the age when you are young, you have a lot of emotions, hormones and interests. And, naturally, love also happens there, ”the wife echoes to the beloved.

And so, on a fateful day, Karibidis walked around Sochi with his friends, and they showed him photographs. There were many people in one of the pictures, but the guy drew attention to one single girl standing on the edge. Something skipped a beat in his heart, he could not calm down and kept asking who this brunette was, asking to introduce them. After much persuasion, they still gave him the phone number of that girl, and explained that her name was Pelageya, and she had been living abroad for a long time.

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“I immediately called and said: ‘Hello, my name is so and so.’ She said: “Don’t call me, don’t talk to me, where did you get my number?” I thought: “Wow, I like it!” I galloped right in front of you, and you just shout: “Give me a saddle, quickly a saddle!” This convinced me that I was not mistaken when I noticed her in the photograph, ”says the artist.

He continued to call her, but the girl remained unapproachable and ignored her boyfriend:

“I tormented him for a long time, and now he takes revenge on me in life,” laughs Pelageya. But after a month she felt a kindred spirit and asked her friends to tell her: “Tell him that he can write to me.”

Perhaps it was one of the best days in a man’s life.

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They began to communicate day and night, “woke up and fell asleep with the screen,” and talked for hours by video link. They had never seen each other, but they already adored each other immensely and could share their most intimate experiences. “I fell in love on Skype”, – Demis admits.

Their relationship at a distance lasted almost a year, until the comedian realized that this could not continue. The lovers lacked physical contact, screams, hugs – even the quarrels on Skype are not the same, they are not real. And Karibidis finally decided to surprise Pelageya and come to the girl in Germany for the first time: he told her that he had gone to the Moscow region for a corporate party, and he himself took a car from a friend and arrived in another country at night.

Demis Karibidis about love, children and the meaning of life:
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But the meeting was not at all what the couple had imagined.

“You understand that he feels like a loved one to you, and then some stranger comes and stands in front of you,” recalls the brunette.

At first, they could not find a common language, but soon everything worked out, and their romance began to gain new momentum.

About family and relationships with daughters: “This is the happiest thing that happened to me in my life.”

Soon Pelageya moved to Sochi, and Karibidis still lived on suitcases, tossing between work and his beloved woman: it seems that all the airport employees knew him on the Moscow-Sochi flight. After a few more months, Demis decided that it was time to enter a new stage in the relationship.

“We had a fight, I came to Sochi and said:“ Get ready. Let’s go get to know the parents. ” I took it and brought it to my home. Then we went to her parents, and there was a wedding, children, ”the improviser recalls.

Demis Karibidis about love, children and the meaning of life:
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After 6 years, their relationship is still as harmonious and passionate as it was at the very beginning. Like everyone else, the spouses, of course, quarrel, but they quickly find a compromise – usually through jokes:

“Our relationship is very humorous. And I try to abstract myself from quarrels. That is, when you see that everything is a dead end, some information is pouring in that you do not understand, then I leave it all and start fooling around. It helps to look at it all from the outside. “

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Watching their family, it is impossible to restrain a smile: with what kindness parents look at children, and with what respect the heirs treat mom and dad! The children are very well-mannered, and it seems that they already understand everything – and this despite the fact that the oldest child has just turned 5 years old.

“I love my daughters! For me, this is just a bottomless abyss, and I really want to spend a lot of time with them, talk with them, live with them, teach, show … This is the happiest thing that happened to me in my life, ”says the young father.

The wife supports: the husband changes beyond recognition, spending time with the baby.

“Their love takes place on a different level. He turns into another being when he communicates with girls – not even a person, but a being, ”she says.

About his oddities, disappointments, the meaning of life and wishes for little Demis

And finally, the artist told about himself. It turns out that he is very demanding of his activities and is prone to introspection – however, sometimes this does not help him, but hinders him, because thinking about the past and the future takes too much time:

“I am different and sometimes very strange. I talk too much in my head about right and wrong. I always need an accurate answer, and no one should doubt anything. If you play football, then you must be sure that you are cooler than Cristiano Ronaldo. Otherwise, don’t go play football. There is no point in this! .. I am never satisfied with what is happening to me now. I always want a little bit better. “

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This man had been taught since childhood: the parents sometimes asked their son several times if he was sure of what he was doing. And if the boy always answered firmly “Yes!”, then they added: “Then go ahead.”

With this attitude, Demis moves through life. Of course, sometimes thinking about the correctness of actions interferes with enjoying the present, but this has always helped the comedian to cope with experiences.

But there was something else that made Karibidis who he is now. Has brought up a strong character and firmness of decisions. It was a great grief that taught the showman to move forward no matter what.

“Only once in my life have I experienced something that just broke me. This is when my grandfather passed away. I was very close to him. And then I realized what it was all about when someone was gone. Of course, before that, different grief happened, but I did not let it pass through myself, but here I missed it. And it taught me to be stronger towards everything. Such things often happen, but you need to treat them easier and move on. And I try to explain the same to the children: “Turn your head, forward!”, – he recalls, making Laura’s interlocutor cry.

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Demis never stands still. He is constantly changing, growing, comprehending new things and discovering new heights. For this he lives – to become better himself and to help others.

“The meaning of life is in cognition, in development. Until you get into everything, you will not live anything. The point is that you can turn back and you are not ashamed and offended, and that you do not leave anyone there. I forgive everyone who has offended me for 37 years and do not hold any grudge against anyone. The point is to convey some information to the children. What did Basta say there? “We will sing with the voices of our children,” the artist reflects.

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The interview turned out to be very intense and interesting. We talked about sad things, about funny things, and about great things. Immediately I wanted to come up to my loved ones and hug them tightly. Karibidis gave us ground for thought, and finally shared some advice for himself in childhood, which would be nice to listen to each of us in moments of uncertainty:

“To little Demis, I would say:“ Hold on. Steep turns ahead. Learn. Try. Don’t be stupid. And the one with whom you are talking in your head tells you everything correctly. “

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