Desire visualization map – how to do it right?

Did you know that there is a universal method that allows you to achieve the fulfillment of any, even the most intimate dreams? It’s about a wish card. You will learn how to use the map in this article!

Wish fulfillment card

What it is?

A wish card is your dreams, collected in one place. However, simply writing down desires is not enough: you have to act according to certain rules.

You need to start making a map on the Lunar New Year (which, as a rule, coincides with the Chinese one). In this case, a map can be drawn up either in one day, or in 12, describing one area of ​​your life a day.

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t manage to make the card at the beginning of the year. You can do it any other month. The main thing is to make sure that work on the map was started during the waxing moon. It is believed that the energy these days is so powerful that wishes will come true as soon as possible.

Importantso that you can do the mapping alone. No one should interfere or advise you. It is important that desires are only yours. Think carefully about what you really want. After all, a wish card is a powerful tool, and if you use it incorrectly, you can let into your life something that is not what you really need.

Working methods

The map can be made in a graphical editor or manually. There are even special sites where you can make your own map. However, in order for this tool to be more effective, it is advisable to do it yourself: this way you will put your energy into the card, which will contribute to the quick fulfillment of desires.

Wish map in a graphic editor

What do you need?

To create a map you need:

  • paper. Its dimensions depend on the number of your desires. Remember: don’t be greedy, start small and think about what you want more than anything else. Do not get distracted and try to separate the main from the secondary;
  • glossy magazines;
  • colored pencils or markers;
  • glue and scissors.

How to make wishes?

First of all, you must remember that you need to formulate your desire not in the form “I want to …”, but “I already have …”. For example, instead of “I want a new car of a certain brand,” you should say “I have a new car”.

Desires should be as specific as possible. However, fanaticism should not be shown. For example, if you are in love with a certain man, you should not put his photo in the love sector. The person may not be able to make you happy, so you run the risk of being together with the wrong person who suits you.

It is better to describe the man’s appearance, his character, hobbies, income level and other characteristics that are important to you. Try to be rational about your desires. There is no need to think of a man with the appearance of a Hollywood actor and multimillion-dollar income if you live in a small town where there is little chance of meeting such a person.

A man for a wish card

Be careful with your wording too. The universe takes desires literally. If you write that you want to have two children, it is possible that in a few years you will become a single mother. And the desire to change the apartment will result in the loss of your home with the need to urgently move to friends. That is, you will change the apartment, but you are unlikely to be pleased with such a development of events.

It is better to write that you want to sell your apartment on the most favorable terms and buy a new one, for example, a two-room apartment in the city center instead of a one-room apartment on the outskirts.

Finally, your desires should carry positive energy. A wish card cannot be a way to take revenge on an enemy. Everything you wish for others will return to you like a boomerang: both good and evil.

Photo selection

Here are the main rules for choosing pictures for a wish card:

  • in the love sector, do not put a specific person (if you are not in a long-term relationship with him). The image should be abstract: if you are looking for your soul mate, choose a photo from the back;
  • to get wealth, do not take a photo with “rain” of coins or banknotes. If you don’t follow this rule, money will pass you by;
  • if you do not want to have a baby in the near future, do not post his photo in the “Family” sector, otherwise the pregnancy may be unplanned;
  • the pictures must be free of defects. For example, if you want a car and the photo is torn apart, you can own a broken car.

Desire visualization map


Take paper and place your photo in the center. Choose a photo in which you like yourself, while it is desirable that retouching is minimal. Under the photo you can make an inscription, for example, “Happy me” or “I am a beloved and loving woman.”

The poster is divided into sectors:

  • health… This includes desires associated with both improving the state of your body and losing weight. For example, you can formulate your desire in this way: “I have lost 10 kilograms in a year”;
  • financial well-being… This sector is intended for desires that are related to earnings. Here you can place a photo of the required amount of money that you want to earn in one month;
  • love and family… For this sector, you will need photos of wedding rings, children. If you are already married, place your photo with your husband in the love sector and sign “We are happy together and love each other”;
  • getting recognition… Looking for a promotion at work? Submit a photo that shows a person you think could be in the position you want;
  • relationships with loved ones and friends… Here you can post pictures with your friends and relatives, captioning them as follows: “We are together”, “My relatives are happy and healthy”;
  • self-development… This includes everything related to personal growth. For example, you can paste photographs of books with the caption “I read one book a week”;
  • professional achievements… These include pay increases, job transfers or job changes;
  • hobbies… Do you want to learn how to draw, sculpt from clay, play a musical instrument? Find photos that are associated with your hobby and sign them as if the wish has already come true. For example, you might write, “I draw a lot and enjoy it,” or “I took a guitar course”;
  • travels… Here you can post pictures of countries and cities where you would like to visit. When the map is ready, draw an arrow from each sector to your photo: this is how you attract what you want into your own life.

Wish card 2020


The card should motivate you, remind you of what you want. Post it in a prominent place and review it regularly, noting what has already been done and what is worth working on. Remember: the card will not work if you do not put in efforts to achieve what you intended.

If desired, the card can be supplemented by pasting new images into it and formulating new desires.

A wish map is not magic, but a psychological tool that helps you clearly understand what you want and realize what you want. Try to make your own map, because, judging by the reviews, it has already helped many people make their lives better!

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