Detox water to cleanse the body and lose weight – 8 best recipes

8 best detox water recipes you can make daily at homeFrom time to time, even the healthiest organism needs unloading, cleansing and natural detoxification so that all its organs and systems work like clockwork. One of the means of improving the body (and at the same time losing weight and returning the body to beautiful contours) is detox water, the popularity of which is due to its effectiveness at low cost.

How To Make Detox Water – The Best Recipes For You!

The content of the article:

  1. What is detox water – benefits and effectiveness
  2. Drink preparation rules
  3. How to drink detox water – rules for taking
  4. 8 detox water recipes that work

What is detox water: the benefits of the drink and its effectiveness

The term “detox water” is used to refer to pure (preferably spring) water to which fruits, vegetables or herbs are added. Such a drink is easy to prepare, and the ingredients can be combined in the proportions and compositions you need.

The main differences of the drink: environmental friendliness, complete naturalness, minimum calories, pleasant taste and properties useful for weight loss and cleansing. With a fantastically pleasant taste, the drink is absolutely free of sugar, ideally replaces juices and soda, helps to lose weight with taste!

What does detox water do?

  • Speeds up metabolism.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Improves the general condition of the gastrointestinal tract and speeds up digestion.
  • Replenishes fluid deficiency.
  • Removes toxins and toxins.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Boosts immunity.

The benefits and effectiveness of detox water

The effectiveness is achieved thanks to the beneficial vitamin components added to the water. Of course, it’s pointless to wait for the result if you wash down cakes and chips on the couch with detox water.

In addition, detox water is recommended to be used in courses, combining its use with a certain diet, sports and other components of a healthy lifestyle. Detox water works well with detox programs for weight loss and body detoxification.

How to make detox water: cooking tips

  1. Use only clean and healthy water. For example, a spring. It is better to consult a doctor about the choice of mineralized water.
  2. Prepare the drink 2-3 times a day so as not to lose the beneficial properties of the components.
  3. Store in glass containers.
  4. Choose the components that are most useful for cleansing the body, losing weight, improving the digestive tract and increasing immunity.

How to properly detox water at home

How to Drink Detox Water Properly – Volume and Number of Meals

  • The drink is substituted for the main meals.
  • The volume of detox water per day is about 2.5 liters.
  • The entire volume of the drink is divided into 5-8 receptions.
  • Detox water should be at room temperature.

How to drink detox water properly

Best detox water recipes: 8 drinks that really work!

Detox water with lemon and cucumber

Ingredients: 700 ml water, ½ cucumber slices, a quarter of an orange, half a lemon, fresh mint (a couple of sprigs).

The drink improves digestion, cleanses the body, boosts immunity, removes excess fluid from the body and lowers cholesterol levels.

Detox water with lemon and cucumber

Cooking is simple: cut the ingredients into slices, add the mint, fill in a glass jug with water and leave in the refrigerator for several hours.

Detox water with strawberries and basil

Ingredients: 500 ml water, strawberries (about 200 g), a couple of lime slices, ½ lemon juice, half a handful of basil leaves.

Detox water with strawberries and basil

We mix everything in a jug, pour in clean water, drink after 4 hours.

Detox water with ginger and mint

Ingredients: 700 ml water, thinly sliced ​​cucumber, ginger root (fresh, a couple of inches), a couple of limes and 12-13 mint leaves.

Detox water with ginger and mint

We cook traditionally – we put it in a glass container and fill it with water, leave for 3-4 hours.

The drink has pronounced cleansing properties.

Detox water with strawberry, apple, cinnamon

Ingredients: 700 ml water, half a handful of mint, a quarter spoon of cinnamon, half an apple, half a lemon and 300 g of strawberries.

Detox water with strawberry, apple, cinnamon

The drink helps to control appetite, removes toxins, gives a feeling of fullness, improves immunity and “cures” constipation.

Detox water with watermelon and lime

Ingredients: 700 ml of water, 1 cucumber, 1 lime, a few slices of juicy watermelon, half a handful of mint.

We cook according to a traditional recipe.

Detox water with watermelon and lime

A tasty and thirst-quenching drink that removes toxins and excess fluid from the body, protects the body from the development of chronic diseases, reduces appetite and stimulates the digestion process, promotes the breakdown of fats and weight loss.

Detox water with strawberries, kiwi and orange

Ingredients: 700 ml of water, 200 g of strawberries, half a kiwi, juice of half an orange, half a handful of mint. Naturally, all fruits should be fresh, mint – too.

Detox water with strawberries, kiwi and orange

We cut the ingredients coarsely, not small. Fill with water, insist, drink after 3 hours.

The drink is nutritious and tasty, ideal for a summer diet and replenishment of fluid and vitamins. It is recommended to add orange juice before drinking!

Detox water with cinnamon and apple juice

Ingredients: 2 liters of water, 3 green apples, a cinnamon stick (exactly a stick, not a powder!). Apples can be “run” through a juicer or used in sliced ​​form – at will and opportunities.

Detox water with cinnamon and apple juice

Infuse the drink – about 3 hours.

The drink promotes the breakdown of fat and weight loss, speeds up the metabolism, reduces appetite, improves the digestive tract, removes toxins, and reduces the risk of hypertension and heart disease.

Detox water with lemon and green tea

Ingredients: 1500 ml of water, green tea (about 3 tbsp / l, only loose and high quality, without flavorings), half a lemon.

Detox water with lemon and green tea

Making a drink is simple: brew tea as usual, then add lemon sliced ​​(small), leave for 2-3 hours, drink it cooled, not cold.

The drink is useful for lowering blood sugar levels, reduces appetite, and removes excess fluid.

If your goal is to cleanse the body, lose weight, regain a feeling of lightness and vigor, then detox water is ideal if you replace your meals with it.

By courses or simply by replacing one or two meals a day with detox water.

You can also just drink this drink in the morning to increase your metabolism, or replace it with all the unhealthy drinks that you usually torment the body with during the day.

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