Diana Arbebnina – songs and life, unknown biography facts and success

Diana ArbeninaPeople have mixed opinions about the leader of the Night Snipers group, Diana Arbenina. Some admire her songs, her strong life stance and bold rock and roll image. Others consider the singer insincere and outrageous, but there are few such people.

Each of her concerts attracts thousands of listeners. What is the secret of Arbenina’s success – as a singer, as a woman?

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Two night snipers: Arbenina and Surganova

Diana was born in 1974 into a family of journalists who, while working, traveled around the country.

Diana Arbenina as a child

Once fate threw them to Chukotka, where the future rock star received a musical education, graduated from high school and entered a university at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. However, she was more interested in music, and one day she decided to participate in the All-Russian festival of author’s songs, which was held in St. Petersburg.

There she met Svetlana Surganova, who became her friend and colleague for many years.

The girls began to perform together, and the name of the group was born spontaneously one evening. Together they walked after the concert with musical instruments in covers, next to them a car slowed down and the driver asked: “Are you going hunting?”

Diana Arbenina, Svetlana Surganova

The first famous songs of Diana Arbenina were:

  • Frontier.
  • Yearning.
  • Evening in the Crimea.
  • I paint the sky.

Diana wrote poems, recited them at amateur performances, wrote songs.

The first performances of the group were held in Magadan, and then the “Snipers” left for St. Petersburg, and gradually the group becomes famous, finding its fans in the rock environment. The first album was called “A Drop of Ointment in a Barrel of Honey”. Diana’s voice began to sound not only in restaurants and clubs, but also on the air of major radio stations.

The girls worked together until 2002, and then they parted ways. Svetlana created her own group, and the story of Diana Arbenina continued along with the snipers.

In 2019, her creative piggy bank contains 250 author’s songs, 150 poems, stories and essays. In addition, she acts in films and music videos, showing extraordinary acting skills.

“I enjoy the most when I write songs.”

When asked by journalists what is the main thing in the life of Diana Arbenina, which three character traits in herself she considers the most important, the singer unexpectedly admits that the main one is vulnerability. She is sure that impudence is not the second happiness, as it is believed, but the way to nowhere.

Another quality is the ability to be a good and cheerful friend. Moreover, it is not just to have a good time with Diana, you can rely on her in any situation.

Diana Arbenina

And thirdly, the singer just loves to write songs and be creative when she came to great success, as she did 25 years ago, when she was just starting her career.

She says:

“It is with such a coordinate system, when everything is correctly aligned, that it’s easy for you to live.”

The worst thing for a musician is to lose drive.

Diana admits that “the worst thing for a rock musician is to lose drive.” Even when something serious has happened in life, or you are just tired or hoarse, but you love what you do and your energy asks out, then you open the concert and start singing. But if a musician has lost his drive, he has lost the desire to move mountains, then his career ends. The singer believes that God gives talent only to those who know how to get pleasure from life.

Diana Arbenina

At the age of 45, the singer is in excellent physical shape, which she supports with fitness and yoga classes. Diana easily does push-ups from the floor, but for filming a new video for the song “Red-hot” she did? total? several hours under the waters of the ocean. For a two-hour concert, the singer loses about 2-3 kilograms, and then to restore energy she has to have supper at 11 o’clock in the evening.

However, not only food allows Diana to restore her expended strength. She says: the exchange of energy with the audience is so inspiring and uplifting that you are ready to give concerts again and again. For Diana, communication with the audience at a concert is a “continuous exchange of love and joy”, and she leaves “100% of herself” on the stage.

The sources of her strength and inspiration

Arbenina composes and sings songs about what is in her soul, about what is in the heart of every person.

In the song “History” Diana says: “I write my own history MYSELF!”

In it, she says: “If you are a weakling, then squeeze your will into a fist, and don’t ask!”

This strong woman knows that energy for work and inspiration must be sought in herself. Accustomed to loneliness, the singer does not count on a strong male shoulder and does not expect help. The personal life of Diana Arbenina is carefully hidden from prying eyes, but the singer has repeatedly said that she is in love, and sensual songs and clips appear in her work.

Diana Arbenina

Without hiding, the singer talks about the drug addiction that she had in the past. Once in St. Petersburg, she could not go to a concert, and the fans put a sea of ​​flowers at the doorstep. When Diana saw them, it was a shock for her, she suddenly saw her future, or rather, what would happen if she was gone. And it became a turning point in her life when she realized: it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle; fans saved her that day by showing their love.

Diana’s new image

If the figure of Arbenina has not changed, then her image has been updated in recent years. Diana began to wear feminine dresses and stiletto sandals. She changed her hair color to a platinum blonde, and makeup artists give her fashionable makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. Some fans who loved the singer’s early work are unhappy with this image change, but they just got stuck in the past when Diana sang about wormwood roses.

The singer is developing, trying on different images, perhaps she felt cramped within the previous framework, and she is looking for new ways of self-expression. With age, a person realizes that real life is much broader than the feelings that he experienced in his youth.

Diana Arbenina

In her youth, Arbenina had some views on life and expectations, and now she wanted to talk about something else. She goes with silk and stilettos, she looks organically in frank and sensual clips, she does not hesitate to strip naked, posing for the cover of the new album.

Diana experiments with the image, her image has become more feminine, sexy and sophisticated. In the same time? incredible brutality is visible in her, and this is the energy that gives her the strength to create and move on through life. In addition, she skillfully warms up interest in her person with messages that she is going to get married soon and dreams of a real wedding dress. In her youth, she was not married for long to musician Konstantin Arbenin, but then they had a real rock and roll wedding, and they both wore jeans. It is understandable why she wants to try on a new image of a bride for her.

Children are our immortality

On February 4, 2010, an important event took place in the biography of Diana Arbenina. But, like many other aspects of the singer’s life, the birth of children has become a secret behind seven seals. There is an assumption that her pregnancy is the result of IVF. Moreover, in favor of in vitro fertilization is the fact that Arbenina gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl, as often happens as a result of IVF. If this is exactly the case, then Diana herself does not know the name of the father of her children – she is just an anonymous sperm donor. But the singer answers the questions of the interviewers, from whom she gave birth, unambiguously, without naming a specific name – this is a businessman with whom she met in America, and then became pregnant from him.

“Children are our immortality,” says Diana. She admits that her love for her daughter and for her son is growing every day.

Diana Arbenina with children

In 2018, the singer was awarded the Mama Award for successfully combining two important roles: a mother and a working woman.

When the twins are on school holidays, Diana takes them with her on a tour. She says that being a mother makes her happy every day. The children undertook to help her at concerts. For example, Marta shoots for Instagram stories, and Artyom sells branded souvenirs.

Arbenina wants her daughter to study as an architect in the future, but Marta already dreams of being an operator. Now the children have realized from their own experience that concert activity is a serious and difficult job.

Diana Arbenina with children

Arbenina does not hesitate to say that before the birth of children, she lived “an absolutely rock and roll life.” She clearly separates two periods: before the birth of twins and after. The singer admitted that she used to rush rapidly, burning her life at concerts, in companies and at parties. Now she is sure that the main thing in life is the family, you need to consciously approach the issue of starting a family and motherhood, so as not to regret anything.

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