Divination by tarot cards – get a message from the Universe

In psychotherapy, Tarot cards can be used to diagnose the psycho-emotional state of a person. Each lasso is an archetype that reflects the collective unconscious.

Choosing this or that card, a person subconsciously answers to himself an internal request. It is believed that the subconscious is a kind of key that opens the door to the universe. If this is so, then each person with the help of art therapy is able to understand himself at a higher level.

Are you ready to receive a message from the Higher Forces? Then choose one Tarot card and see the result.

Important! Your choice should be intuitive. Look at 4 pictures and identify the one that attracted your attention the most.

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Fortune telling on the senior arcana TAROT - receive a message from the Higher Forces

Arcane number 1 – Fool (Jester)

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Zero lasso in Tarot, meaning the beginning of the path, the beginning of the countdown. What do we see in the picture? A frivolous character who is about to fall off a cliff and fall into an abyss. The fool himself does not understand why he was in a dangerous situation. He is childish, inexperienced and not burdened with obligations, childishly naive and simple-minded. However, there is no negativity in him, he does not want to harm anyone.

For you, this card means the beginning of a new path. If you were looking for change – congratulations, it will happen very soon. It is difficult to say whether they will be good or not, but it is definitely clear that the countdown of a new time has already begun for you.

Also, the Fool may indicate your lightheadedness. Perhaps in a difficult situation you will not be able to orient yourself and make the right decision. Subconsciously, you understand that great hopes are pinned on you, which you will not be able to fully justify.

Arcane number 2 – Devil

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Oh, eloquent and important lasso! The devil is a symbol of worldly passions, sensuality and lust. It points to the enslavement of the human mind, to the inability of the individual to think soberly, but because of what? Because of their weaknesses and passions.

The devil often falls to people in love who are at the mercy of strong feelings. He points to the prospect of a novel, probably secret, worldly pleasures and pleasant addiction. But, do not rejoice ahead of time, because this state of affairs does not promise unrestrained happiness for a lifetime.

Everything comes at a price, so rest assured that the Devil will ask you a high price for the short-term pleasures he gives you.

If you have chosen this lasso, try not to lose your vigilance. “Turn on” your mind and do not let your feelings completely take over you, as it can be harmful.

Map number 3 – Moon

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One of the most controversial in meaning arcana Tarot. What do we see in the picture? The girl who is drowning in the light of the beautiful moon. She is not agitated, but has already lost her vigilance and allowed herself to relax ahead of time, but in vain.

Moonlight is always dangerous. Yes, it is beautiful, but too bright, so much that it can dazzle. Therefore, since ancient times, this card has been associated with deception.

Higher powers tell you about the danger of being deceived by someone from your inner circle. Lies can lurk anywhere, so keep your ears open. Don’t let people manipulate you, assert personal boundaries.

Card number 4 – Sun

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Oh, congratulations! The sun is a wonderful lasso. It symbolizes joy and happiness. If you chose this card, then at the moment you are subconsciously programming yourself for success.

What do we see in the picture? A joyful girl who gives thanks to the sunshine. She is warm, comfortable and wonderful. The main motto of the lasso Sun: “Success in all your endeavors!“.

Do not be afraid of difficulties and setbacks. Higher powers are on your side. Be sure that in the near future, luck will definitely not turn away from you.

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