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Who among us does not like to be photographed and take pictures of loved ones and loved ones? Over time, we have accumulated a huge number of photographs at home, which, of course, we would like to preserve and pass on to future generations. Therefore, today we will discuss with you the ideas of decorating a family photo album with our own hands. It would be nice to make this pleasant activity one of the most basic traditions of the family.

Bologny’s editors will tell you how to make a do-it-yourself family photo album.

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Family chronicle using scrapbooking technique – DIY vintage family album

Scrapbooking is one of the techniques for creating and decorating family or personal albums with your own hands. Where, in addition to photographs, are added newspaper clippings, postcards, buttons, drawings and other memorabilia that carry a story that tells about you and your loved ones. Thanks to this art, instead of an ordinary album, we will get a whole story about the life of your family. The cover of the photo album can also be given an original look.

Decorate it with something memorable, such as a ribbon to which you can attach an amulet, or yellow maple leaves. You can put a beautiful inscription on the cover, symbolizing something important only for you and your family.

Family album design in the form of a family tree

Try to create your own family tree and attach it to the title page of your photo album. It will not be difficult – list all the closest relatives you remember and whose photographs you can find in the family archive.

First, add photographs of the most distant ancestors to the album, and finish the decoration with photographs of our days. Such a do-it-yourself photo album will be of interest to absolutely everyone – both the older generation and the younger. Indeed, looking at it, you will have the feeling that you are reading a real saga about the history of your family.

How to make a family album with children’s pages – design ideas for a children’s family album

Of course, one of the most important events in every family is the birth of a child. We always want to decorate this chapter of our life in a special way. After all, even the smallest detail is important here. We have a great many photographs of growing children, as we want to capture every moment of the life of a little man. And it can be very difficult to choose from them some individual photos to place in an album. But try to still select the most characteristic photographs that most vividly reflect the important moments in your baby’s life.

In the beginning, these may be your photos, where the baby is still in your tummy. Further – discharge from the hospital. A newborn baby gets to know family members and those closest to them. First smile. First steps. Walking. Deep sleep. Breakfast. For any mother, all these moments are incredibly important and each will remain in the memory forever.

You can also attach the first hairs of the baby to the photo album, make an ornament from the first booties, ribbons, from a lace baby scarf or cap. Do not forget to describe the events that are captured on them next to the photographs. Over time, it will be possible to add your child’s drawings and various school or sports trophies and certificates to the photo album.

DIY wedding family album – lace, satin bows and dried flowers from the bride’s bouquet.

A wedding is a very important and special day for every woman. I would like to keep in memory every moment of this happy day. And, of course, we have a huge number of photographs left as a keepsake, which require a decent design. You can unusually decorate a wedding album by putting satin bows and lace from the bride’s accessories into it. You can also attach dried flowers from the bride’s bouquet to your photos, if you still have them. All these little things will gain more and more value for you over the years, and when you open your hand-made wedding photo album, you will return to that magical day every time.

The idea of ​​ u200b u200bdesigning a family album about a vacation with trophies from distant travels

We all love to relax, and we bring a heap of photos from each trip. Naturally, these photos are also worthy of their photo album. You can decorate such an album with postcards depicting the countries where you rested, trophies from your travels – be it a piece of a shell or a dried exotic plant. You can also make a sand ornament from the beaches where you sunbathed and took pictures. Do not forget about the descriptions of what is shown in the photographs. After many years, your children will be very interested in reading about the adventures of their parents on vacation, and see colorful illustrations for this exciting story.

How to make a family album as a gift to parents – chronicle of the parental family

A self-made photo album is also a wonderful gift that you can present to your parents for an anniversary, or any holiday, or just like that. Collect the very best photos of parents from all family albums to bring them into one. When adding photos, add to the description some words from yourself for your mom and dad. Tell us how you love them and how dear they are to you. You can decorate your photo album with clippings from old magazines and surviving old theater tickets that your parents used to visit. An album for parents can also be decorated with handmade decor items – an album cover crocheted or knitted, figurines for decorating a luxurious antique style, made by yourself. The album can also contain homemade collages, applique and decorative elements in a vintage style, with old lace and velvet. The flight of imagination here is simply endless!

DIY creative album – creating a family chronicle with photos, drawings, poems and stories of all family members

And, of course, every family should have a common album, looking at which it is so warm and comfortable to spend time surrounded by relatives. There are a great many ideas for creating such an album, and all family members will have to work on their implementation. Add your favorite photos in chronological order.

Accompany them with poems of your own composition, and have each family member write stories about some significant events. You can also collect children’s drawings to put them into an album, small memorabilia.

Embody all your creative impulses in the design! In the photo album, in addition to photos, you can add everything that is important to your family. And then you get a real family illustrated chronicle, which can be left to posterity as a keepsake.

A self-made photo album will breathe new life into your memories captured on film. After all, what if not viewing family photos on winter evenings, so brings loved ones closer, forcing to appreciate each other even more.

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