Dj Self Net Worth

DJ Self’s net worth is on the rise. Although he has been an influential figure in New York’s music scene for years, he really took off on the national stage when he was cast on the reality show ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York.’ The show featured him in a small cameo in the early season, and in the sixth season, he emerged as a favorite fan. The Bronx-based DJ has been a fixture in the public eye for a while now, with many of his appearances in music magazines.

Self is estimated to have a net worth of $3million. His career as a DJ has been a primary source of his income. He has also pursued music and business careers. Self can also be found on Twitter and Instagram, where he is known as djself. His followers number approximately 813k. As of March 2018, DJ Self is still unmarried. This is a testament of his popularity on social media.

DJ Self began as a child, attending local parties, and later on began playing music on his own. At a young age, he saw a DJ leaving a party with a group of girls and decided to pursue a career in the music industry. He became known as “The Prince of NY.” As he expanded his business and ventured into entertainment and clothing, DJ Self has seen his net worth increase. Despite his high-profile career, he continues to work in radio and promote other hip-hop artists.

DJ Self’s popularity in the club and party scene has led to the creation of mix tapes. These mix tapes feature hip-hop and R&B exclusives. Self has sold thousands of copies. These mix tapes include the underground gem Rawkus Mixtape as well as the best-selling Lox Family Mixtape. In addition to these albums, DJ Self also makes appearances on top radio shows like Wendy Williams and BET Rap City Basement.

DJ Self is worth $5 million. Despite not winning any awards or being featured on television shows, he is considered one of the most popular and influential club performers in New York. Additionally, he owns a label, GWININ Entertainment, which represents different hip-hop artists. DJ Self has his own clothing line, GWININ. It sells t-shirts as well as baseball caps.

Apart from his music career, DJ Self has a personal life as well. Gwinn Entertainment is his company, which includes Mariahlynn and Major Galore as well as DreamDoll. He is the father of Kayla, a daughter he shares with Regina Gamboa. His childhood dreams included becoming a comedian or actor, but he didn’t disclose more information about his education or his family life. The music industry has given him a good amount of money to support his family and business.

DJ Self is an entertainer with a net worth of $3 million. Born in Nigeria, DJ Self has also appeared on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York and on the VH1 reality show. At age 3, DJ Self moved to Brooklyn, New York. In January 2023, he will be 37 years old. He is also a sponsor of a possible show on Power 105.1 radio station. The estimated net worth of DJ Self is unknown, as he hasn’t disclosed his education.

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