Do-it-yourself sweet gifts – which sweets to give to family and friends?

The best DIY sweet gift ideasGifts for our loved ones and friends should be special. Not necessarily expensive, fashionable, or big, but soulful – certainly. Better yet, delicious. And, of course, beautifully packaged. And it doesn’t even matter what holiday is ahead – new year, name day or astronautics day, no reason is needed for sweet gifts!

If you have not yet figured out what to give, your attention is the most interesting gift ideas for any occasion!

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Cake with wishes

Who said that the cake should be classic – with biscuit, cream, fruit and mastic figures that are fashionable today?

A gift cake can be anything! Even from cardboard “pieces” filled with candies. Or, for example, from cupcakes carefully prepared with your own hands. Cake with wishesThese tiny cakes are laid out in tiers in the shape of a cake, and “tags” with wishes are attached to each paper mold. Or good predictions. Or important things that must be done immediately after eating a cupcake.

For example, write a letter to a friend with whom you have not spoken for a long time, or give flowers to a stranger.

This cake will be the perfect gift for a holiday where friends gather.

A bag of happiness for a real coffee lover

What to put in such a bag?

First of all, coffee. Natural, aromatic and preferably of several varieties. And coffee biscuits (or cake) with tiramisu coffee chocolates.

Sweet pouch for coffee lover

However, the assortment of coffee sweets is quite wide, and it will not be difficult to choose the components of the gift (even for the most capricious coffee lover).

Don’t forget to pack your coffee recipe book and coffee topiary in your bag of happiness.

Surprise your friends with all your heart!

Chocolate bowls

These edible chocolate cups can be filled with M & M’s – a great dessert for those with a sweet tooth for a children’s party. However, adults will not refuse such a surprise either.

How to do it?

Melt chocolate, inflate small balls. Next, dip the bottom of the ball into vegetable oil (so that you can easily pull the ball out of the vase afterwards) and pour a spoonful of our melted chocolate onto a tray – this chocolate pool will be the base of the vase. You can pour the mass not directly onto the tray, but into wide molds to make the base of the vase more stable.

Chocolate bowls

Now we dip a part of the ball (we choose the height as desired) in the melted chocolate and carefully place it on the prepared base. It is recommended to do everything quickly so that the chocolate does not have time to freeze while creating the vases.

Putting all the vases out, put the tray in the refrigerator and wait for the chocolate to harden, then pierce the balls with a pin and carefully pull out.

All that remains is to fill our bowls with sweets, berries or sliced ​​fruits.

Set of sweet spices

An excellent gift for a hostess, whose house always smells of fresh baked goods. Fragrant, fresh spices for baking in beautifully designed jars will conquer any housewife!

You can add original kitchen towels, a bunch of vanilla pods and a dessert recipe book to this set.

A set of sweet spices as a gift

What spices to choose?

The assortment of spices is wide enough, but it is better to choose several of the most “popular” options: anise (for pies and rolls), vanilla (for drinks, ice cream, cakes, etc.), cloves (for sweet sauces, compotes, mulled wine, puddings), ginger (for drinks), cinnamon (for liqueurs, coffee, baked goods, cereals and puddings), nutmeg (for compotes and preserves, baked goods, sauces), orange (for cookies and fruit salads, apple desserts and muffins), and pandanus leaves (for pies and desserts).

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Sweet Tooth Dream

We are looking for a deep original container – a chest, a large jar, a box, etc. We design the container in accordance with the holiday, decorate the lid and walls, glue a large label (it is better to draw and print it in advance) with the inscription “To make life sweet!” (or “Pills for depression”) – and fill the container with sweets, lollipops, chocolates and other sweets.

A jar of sweets as a gift

If you chose a glass jar for the container, you can glue it over with coffee beans like a coffee topiary.

Sweet and salty caramel

“Sour”, exploding on the tongue with a sweet-sour taste, are familiar today to almost all children. Only here store products of this kind often sin by the presence of “chemistry” in the composition.

A safe and equally delicious alternative is homemade gourmet caramels:

Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan with thick walls (sugar – 2 cups, milk – 1 cup, brown sugar – 1 cup, corn syrup – 1 cup, butter – 1 cup and whipping cream – 1 cup). Cook our mixture for about 15 minutes until simmering over medium heat, stirring constantly. Then remove from heat and immediately add 1 tsp of vanilla.

Sweet and salty caramel

Pour the finished hot caramel onto a greased tray, wait half an hour until the product cools down, sprinkle with coarse sea salt and hide in the refrigerator.

Well, then all that remains is to cut the product into sweets, pack them into beautiful candy wrappers, and then into a gift box.

Sweet hearts as a gift to your beloved

A simple and pleasant do-it-yourself gift for the second half – for Valentine’s Day, birthday or wedding date.

Sweet hearts as a gift to your beloved

Pour confectionery sprinkling on the bottom of the heart-shaped mold, then melt white chocolate (or milk, if desired) over low heat and carefully pour into the mold. Next, we send the hearts to the freezer for a couple of hours.

After hardening, we pack the sweet present in a beautiful box and write a postcard with wishes.

Many more gift ideas for a loved one – for Valentine’s Day and not only

Snowman made of jam and sweets

This gift is most suitable for a winter holiday. We take three beautiful glass jars (preferably pot-bellied and of different sizes), fill them with delicious jam of 3 types and put them on top of each other, fastening the lids with bottoms with double-sided tape.

Snowman made of jam and sweets

Next, on the top jar, draw the eyes and nose of a snowman, on the lower ones – buttons, put on a knitted hat and a scarf on the snowman.

It is better not to use glass jars for a snowman as a gift for a child – we take only plastic ones and fill them with sweets.

Set of sweet liquors

Everyone has their own attitude to mini-versions of bottles with alcohol, but no one will argue that outwardly such a gift will look presentable and tasty.

Set of sweet liquors

The drink, of course, is more female than male, but collectors of alcoholic mini-versions will be happy with such a gift.

It is better to prepare liqueurs yourself and pour them on the scales, and then decorate them according to the theme of the holiday.

Sweet sachets

Everyone knows about the properties of aromatic pillows – aromatherapy does not lose its popularity, and every year it becomes more and more widespread. These bags with spices serve for easy aromatization of premises, improve mood and awaken appetite. The perfect gift for any housewife!

It is recommended to make pillows with your own hands: it is better to take linen fabric, and decorate according to your imagination. The bags can be decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, original patterns.

Sweet sachets as a gift

How to fill the sachet?

As a filler, you can use slices of orange peel or tropical fruits, cloves and vanilla sticks, cinnamon.


Of course, you can just buy a cake or a bag of sweets in the store and, having tied a bow to it, give a gift “for show”. But it is much more pleasant for both parties when gifts are made with their own hands, from the heart and with imagination. A little more time, a little more effort, but the reward is a firework of emotions and pleasant memories. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your own sweet gift ideas!

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