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Doctor Komarovsky is one of the most popular pediatricians in the Russian Federation. In his books and TV shows, he talks about the health and upbringing of children, answers the burning questions of parents. An experienced doctor communicates complex information to them in an accessible form, and his wise and witty statements are remembered by everyone.


Quote # 1: “Pampers are not needed for a child! The mother of the child needs pampers! “

Komarovsky considers disposable diapers to be a great invention that makes it much easier for parents to care for babies. There is a myth that diapers are harmful to babies (especially boys) because they create a “greenhouse effect”. Speaking about newborns, Dr. Komarovsky recalls that thick diapers with excessive warming of a child’s room create the same effect, and the harm of diapers is clearly exaggerated.

Quote # 2: “A happy child is, first of all, a healthy child and only then can he read and play the violin”

According to the doctor, children need physical activity. It is also important to take care of strengthening their immunity. It should be remembered that:

  • hygiene does not mean complete sterility;
  • in the children’s room it is necessary to maintain a temperature no higher than 20˚ and a humidity of 45-60%;
  • the child’s nutrition should be balanced;
  • food eaten through force is poorly absorbed;
  • children should not be given medicine unless absolutely necessary.

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Quote # 3: “Whether or not to be vaccinated is a matter solely within the competence of the doctor.”

Dr. Komarovsky, talking about the dangerous consequences of infectious diseases, constantly convinces parents of the need to vaccinate their children. It is important that the child is healthy by the time of vaccination. The question of contraindications is decided on a purely individual basis.

Quote # 4: “A child does not owe anything to anyone at all!”

The doctor condemns those parents who make excessive demands on their child, constantly insist that their child should be smarter and better than everyone else. With such upbringing, Dr. Komarovsky says, you can achieve the exact opposite effect: develop self-doubt in a child, provoke neuroses and psychosis.

Quote # 5: “Dog worms are less dangerous for a child than Dad’s E. coli.”

child and dog

The doctor emphasizes that communication with pets contributes to the development of intelligence in children, facilitates social adaptation. Contact with animals strengthens the baby’s immune system, the pediatrician says.

Komarovsky advises parents of often ill children to have a dog in the house. Already with her (“and at the same time with the baby,” as he jokingly says) you will definitely have to walk twice a day.

Quote # 6: “If a doctor came and prescribed an antibiotic to a child, I recommend asking him questions: WHY? FOR WHAT?”

Dr. Komarovsky advises parents to take antibiotics seriously. Antibiotics work only against bacteria; they are useless for viral infections. At the doctor’s school, this topic is constantly discussed.

Inappropriate medication can lead to intestinal dysbiosis and other side effects. When treating ARVI, the main thing is not to force-feed the baby, water him often, ventilate the room and humidify the air.

Quote # 7: “A healthy child should be thin, hungry and dirty!”


In one of his books, Dr. Komarovsky writes that the ideal resting place for a child is not a crowded beach, but a grandmother’s dacha, where he can move a lot. At the same time, the doctor does not believe that in nature it is necessary to forget about the rules of hygiene, but emphasizes that excessive precaution is also useless. The body of a rested child strenuously resists the action of microbes, and the immune system gets stronger.

Quote # 8: “A good kindergarten is the one where they ask you to bring a raincoat and boots to walk on the street when it rains.”

In kindergarten, children are more likely to get sick, adapting to new conditions. Professionalism and conscientiousness of the staff play an important role.

Doctor Komarovsky advises parents:

  1. warn staff about the presence of food or other allergies in the child;
  2. report on the peculiarities of the baby’s behavior and his habits;
  3. provide an opportunity for emergency communication with educators.

Quote # 9: “Painting a child with brilliant green is a personal matter of his parents, it is determined by their love of painting and has nothing to do with treatment.”

Zelenka does not have a sufficient bactericidal effect. Dr. Komarovsky believes that this remedy for the treatment of chickenpox is not suitable. During lubrication, the virus spreads to adjacent areas of the skin. This tool does not dry out the pockmarks, but only interferes with observing the changes taking place.

Quote # 10: “The main thing is the happiness and health of the family.”

happy family

In order for a child not to grow up as an egoist, he must be explained from birth that there should be equality in the family. Everyone loves the kid, but this does not mean that all attention should be paid only to him. It is necessary for the thought to be fixed in the child’s mind: “The family is the center of the universe.”

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