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Many traits of a person’s character depend on which constellation he was born under. Surprisingly, in animals, temperament also depends on the location of the stars. Therefore, when choosing a pet, one should be guided by astrological forecasts. Today we will figure out which dog breed is suitable for each zodiac sign.


Certified astrologer Sergei Vronsky states: “Aries are people of action, spiritually mobile and striving for independence and independence.”

This zodiac animal selects to match itself – hardy, freedom-loving and temperamental. For an active lifestyle, Aries is suitable for German or Eastern European shepherd, doberman or malinois… But you shouldn’t forget about rest either. You can relieve stress and enjoy the silence in the company of a miniature companion dog: poodle, chihuahua or pekingese

German Shepherd


Taurus is good-natured and peaceful. Does not perceive excessive fuss and activity. An excellent companion to this sign will be scotch terrier, chow-chow, pug or English bulldog… These breeds feel the mood of a person and do not bother with unnecessary harassment. On walks, they behave calmly, not fussy, so they will allow Taurus to enjoy a leisurely pastime.



People born under the zodiac sign Gemini are famous for their versatility and increased activity. An endless series of emotions for them is a vital necessity, and therefore they will like the four-legged comrade with unquenchable enthusiasm.

Gemini should pay attention to collie, dalmatian, labrador and spaniel… Resounding barking, sparkle in the eyes and every second desire to learn about the world around them are the main characteristics of these breeds.



American astrologer Linda Goodman described the Cancer horoscope: “Representatives of this zodiac relate to their own mental balance with love, bordering on reverence, comparable only to the sacred ecstasy into which the ancient priests fell before the sacrificial altar.”

The main qualities that Cancers want to see in four-legged pets are peace and comfort. An animal for the representatives of this zodiac should be a real anti-stress.

The most balanced and calm dog breeds are:

  • bobtail;
  • sky terrier;
  • lapdog

These dogs are able to be on the same wavelength with sensitive Cancers.


a lion

Leos are distinguished by incredible charisma, determination and self-confidence. They are suitable for throwing animals, past which it is impossible to pass without turning around.

The most suitable breeds for this sign:

  • giant schnauzers;
  • mastiffs;
  • Great Dane;
  • dobermans

Grace, posture, silhouette and gait – everything in these dogs shows aristocratic origins and delights the public.



The most humane and good-natured zodiac. Bringing a new pet to the house, representatives of this sign treat him as a full member of the family, surround him with love, care and attention.

Virgos love obedient and rational dogs that fulfill all the requirements of their master. For this sign, the ideal choice would be dachshund, basset or mittel schnauzer… They are distinguished by a docile disposition and obedience, and most importantly, they are perfectly amenable to training.



Libra is characterized by frequent mood swings, and therefore, when choosing a breed appropriate for the temperament, they should pay attention to dogs that give rise to a sense of harmony and comfort.

To develop resilience and balance will help Great Dane, whippets and giant schnauzers… They subtly feel the state of the owner and will be able to bring positive and peacefulness into life.

great dane


Scorpios are connoisseurs of everything unusual, mysterious and mystical. They are happy to comprehend the laws of the universe and strive to develop a natural ability for extrasensory perception. Four-legged companions suitable for this sign are newfoundlands, grunendali and black terriers… They are as extraordinary as the Scorpios themselves, but at the same time they have a benevolent disposition and are devoted friends.

But this zodiac should not start small breeds of dogs, because the hysterical character does not fit into the framework of the mystical situation in any way.



By nature, Sagittarius are positive adventurers, they cannot sit still for a long time. They do not make excessive demands on four-legged friends, but they honestly and sincerely love them.

The most suitable breeds for Sagittarius are:

  • basset;
  • beagle;
  • Bassenge and Bloodhound

These dogs are almost impossible to train, but they have incredible charm and excessive energy.



Astrology expert Pavel Globa described Capricorns: ‚ÄúThis is a purposeful and independent sign. He never deviates from his ideas and successfully reaches the planned heights, always acting strategically. “

When choosing a dog, this zodiac is looking for a like-minded person and companion, and therefore he should pay attention to the sedate chow-chowphilosophically minded american bulldog or tightly folded rottweiler



Sociable Aquarians are always open to experimentation. When choosing a pet, they strive to find an extraordinary and rare animal. At the same time, their character, learning ability and pedigree are of little concern to them.

Interesting and unusual breeds for them are mudi, barbed, leonberger and catalburun… These dogs will certainly attract the attention of those around them and become reliable companions for Aquarius.



Pisces are very impressionable and dreamy, and therefore do not like excessive excess of energy. Calm and sedate breeds are the perfect solution for this zodiac.

Pisces should pay attention to golden retriever, welsh corgi, pekingese or cocker spaniel… They, just like Pisces, love to relax and enjoy life.


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