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In 1996, the Saint John of God Hospital opened a clinic for stress disorders in Dublin County. The clinic pioneered a multifaceted approach to treating patients with this disorder, and has since treated thousands of people. The clinic is now available at St John of God’s South East County Clinic in Kilkenny, and is led by Dr Richard Blennerhassett, the hospital’s clinical director and consultant psychiatrist. The clinic has also established a team of psychologists in Stillorgan.

While there are many theories about the causes of dementia, few are as compelling as this one. In a nutshell, St Loman suffered from severe depression and a personality disorder that caused him to have difficulty regulating his emotions and behaviour. Despite this, Dr Blennerhassett attributed this to the “obsessive” nature of his personality. The patient was a medical student in India, and then came to Ireland to study medicine. Upon arriving in the country, he was thrown into a general adult psychiatry department. It is unclear whether he sought help from colleagues.

After qualifying from the University of London, Dr Blennerhassett worked as a consultant psychiatrist in Plymouth. He then developed a memory service for older patients. In 2006, he was appointed to Saint John of God Hospital as a consultant psychiatrist. He also provides a clinical service at University College Dublin. His areas of interest include: young adults, mental health in adults, psychiatric sequels of neurological disease, and psychiatric rehabilitation.

Dr. John McLaughlin’s medical background has led to him working as an old age consultant psychiatrist in Plymouth. He also developed a specialist service in psychiatric rehabilitation in Dublin and continues to work at the St John of God Hospital. His special interests include a wide range of neurological disorders, aging, and personality vulnerability. He is also interested in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and the psychiatric sequels to physical disability.

He was appointed as a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist at the St John of God Hospital in 2005. He graduated from the University College Dublin Medical School in 1989 and completed his specialist training at the Maudsley Hospital London. His special interests include early onset psychosis and tic disorders. This article is a summary of the most important findings made by his clinical research at the hospital.

In 2008, Dr. John McLaughlin was appointed as a consultant psychiatrist in Plymouth. He also served as medical lead of the hospital’s memory service. He also has special interests in movement disorders and older adults’ mental health. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The Royal College of Psychiatrist.

In May 2005, Dr. David McNamara, a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, joined St John of God Hospital. He graduated from the University of Dublin, and completed his training in London’s Maudsley Hospital. His clinical interest in early onset psychosis is in tics. The doctor’s other areas of specialisation include obsessive compulsive disorders and psychotic disorders.

After completing his medical degree in 1995, Dr. John O’Donovan was appointed as a consultant psychiatrist in Plymouth. He subsequently completed a three-year fellowship in neuropsychiatric care at the Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Dublin. He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Association of Psychiatrists, and the International Early Psychosis Association.

Despite being a renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Blennerhassett has admitted that he has a limited knowledge of St Loman’s issues. While he found that St Loman had a strong obsessional personality, he did not seek help for his patient. He wrote more than 2,000 letters to GPs and made dictation mistakes, which may have resulted in some confusion.

The hospital’s new approach to observation has been praised by health professionals in Ireland and abroad. Its ‘observation’ practice has prompted a change in attitudes towards mental illness and aligned with professional judgment. A multidisciplinary team has been tasked with furthering the practice, and will investigate the best way to implement it in a psychiatric hospital.

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