Dressing up Cleopatra in modern outfits

As part of the “Reincarnation” project, our team decided to conduct an experiment and imagine how Cleopatra might look today.

Cleopatra became the last queen of Egypt, whose fame about her beauty has reached our days. Legends and myths are associated with her name, and directors shoot films about the twists and turns of her fate. The role of Cleopatra is considered an honor to be performed by the most beautiful women of her time. Among them are Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci:

Queen Cleopatra today

Since it is not known for certain what the queen looked like, we will take as a basis the appearance of the heroines of the films and try to imagine how the queen of Egypt might look now.

As you know, Cleopatra was a spectacular woman. And like any spectacular woman who looks after herself, she would choose outfits that emphasize natural beauty:

Queen Cleopatra today1
photo 1

A trouser suit that fits clearly on the figure would be quite appropriate:

Queen Cleopatra today2
photo 2

Egyptian style of dress implies the presence of flowing materials, geographical elements in clothing and flat shoes:

Queen Cleopatra today3
photo 3

In the traditional image of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra would still be irresistible today:

Queen Cleopatra today4
photo 4

Against the background of old Luxor and endless sands, a dress of gold color would look spectacular:

Queen Cleopatra today5
photo 5

And for an evening event, the beauty could wear a tight-fitting dress, complemented by a massive necklace:

Queen Cleopatra today6
photo 6


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