Dressing up the lovely Marilyn Monroe in modern outfits

As part of the Transformations project, our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and imagine what Marilyn Monroe might look like today.

Marilyn Monroe

Men all over the world dreamed of Marilyn Monroe, and women copied her hairstyle and style. In the middle of the last century, her appearance produced the effect of an exploding bomb and almost the entire globe was at her feet.

Of course, each time has its own style icons, and what was popular several decades ago will not necessarily gain popularity in modern conditions. But, let’s imagine what an actress might look like these days. If she chose an image in a business style, then even the strict lines of the jacket and shirt could not hide her beauty:

Lovely Marilyn Monroe

And in casual style, Marilyn could have chosen a shorter haircut:

Lovely Marilyn Monroe1

In popular Instagram selfies, the actress could appear with a bob haircut. Below is a photo with makeup from the middle of the last century:

Lovely Marilyn Monroe2

And if you move away from glamor, then Marilyn could appear in a romantic image with luxurious curls and a sweet smile:

Lovely Marilyn Monroe3


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