Edgar Allan Poe Net Worth

If you’re wondering about Edgar Allan Poe’s net worth, you’re not alone. Poe was the first American writer to make writing his sole source of income. He was born in Boston to wealthy, exporter parents. However, he was not legally adopted until the age of three. Later, his parents left him with a new family, John and Frances Allan, and he was raised by them until he reached adolescence.

In addition to writing bestselling books and short stories, Poe also earned a handsome income as an editor. His first book Tamerlane and Other Poems was published in 1809 and sold for $662,500 at Christie’s auctioners in December 2009. This was a record for American literature. Poe’s book “The Raven”, which he published in 2009, earned him $9,500. His entire oeuvre is valued at more than $191 million.

Poe was 40 in 1849. He was born under the star sign Capricorn, and he died on October 7, 1849. His birth flower was Snowdrop. His net worth today is estimated at $5 million. Although there is no information about how much Poe earned over his lifetime, some sources suggest that it was around $11 million. However, it’s difficult to estimate Poe’s net worth without knowing a little bit about his personal life and career.

Although Poe’s life was full of tragedy, he still managed to make a lot of money through his writing. His writing earned him a lot of money. The majority of his income came from his works. Poe married his cousin, Annabel Lee, and was well-paid by his literary efforts. His private life, despite being well-known, was a mystery.

Poe moved to Baltimore after his early years. He married his 12-year-old cousin Virginia and started working at the Southern Literary Messenger. Virginia Allan’s uncle, William Galt, was a wealthy man and left Poe a large inheritance. The inheritance was valued at $750,000 in 1834. This would roughly equal $17 million today.

While in his youth, Poe struggled with alcoholism and gambling. His foster father refused him the money he owed and forced him to leave college. He moved to Boston to work as a bookshop clerk. He was unable finish his studies and died at the tender age of 30. Poe’s net worth is estimated to be over $700 million. That’s a huge amount.

Poe’s parents were actors. He married Virginia Eliza Clemm, a girl he had known for eight years. Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe was his first cousin and was married at the age of thirteen. Poe didn’t officially adopt Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe until he was 29. The marriage didn’t last long. Poe was married to Virginia Allan Poe, and they had three children together.

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