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The weight loss season is officially closed for the summer, since the golden autumn has come into its own in the yard. Now you can safely start a marathon in order to have time to put your figure in order for the New Year holidays. Astrologers have selected a comfortable and effective diet for each zodiac sign, taking into account eating habits and nature.



Mars wards love to eat deliciously, so it is difficult for them to limit themselves to a small portion of the dish. A busy work schedule does not allow for a balanced diet, so Aries often have a snack on the go, and in the evening they have a “jam”. To reduce weight and maintain a figure in shape, astrologers advise representatives of the fire element to follow a low-carbohydrate diet and limit the use of sweets.


The reason for the weight gain in Venus’ wards is a slow metabolism. Taurus are used to carrying everything into the house and not parting with things valuable to them – and the body does the same, making reserves in fat pantries. Astrologers consider the representatives of the earth element to be real gourmets who need to control portion sizes and count calories.


Overweight people are rarely found among the wards of Mercury, since they are always on the move. Stressful situations become a problem for Gemini, when negative emotions are seized by large portions of goodies. It is advisable for representatives of the air element to rely on a protein diet, thanks to which you can not experience the painful feeling of hunger.



The digestive system is a vulnerable spot of all the wards of the Moon, so they cannot experiment with exotic dishes. Astrologers advise Cancers to give up fatty and spicy foods, preferring fish and seafood. To regain harmony, you should arrange fasting days a couple of times a week, and eat in small portions the rest of the time.

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Wards of the Sun cannot imagine their life without the company of loyal friends and noisy gatherings where delicious food is served. A rich and generous feast is the hallmark of all Lions, which leads to rapid weight gain. To return the body to normal, astrologers advise to give up late dinners, increase physical activity, and also include more protein foods and complex carbohydrates in the diet.


The delicacy of the representatives of the earth’s elements is reflected in nutrition and health. Virgos eat a balanced diet, rarely overeat and can control their appetite. The problem lies in the perfectionism of the wards of Mercury, who, for the sake of the desired weight, are ready to exhaust themselves with starvation. Long-term restrictions are fraught with breakdown and weight gain, so it is better for Virgos to practice fractional meals.



A good physique of representatives of the air element can ruin tasty pickles, which cause swelling due to fluid retention in the body. It is advisable to use your favorite vegetables stewed or fresh, arranging fasting days. Salads and seafood are the basis for successful weight loss for Libra. To improve metabolism, it is useful to include beets and asparagus in the menu.


The workload at work makes the representatives of the element of water forget about timely meals, which leads to excess weight. Scorpios compensate for the daytime intake of calories with nightly gluttony, and use baked goods or fatty dishes for quick satiety. Astrologers advise to reduce salt intake, set up a clear diet and calculate the energy value of each serving.


Representatives of the fire element love to have a leisurely conversation over a glass of wine and hearty snacks. Unsurprisingly, fatty sauces and high-calorie foods lead to weight gain. To restore the figure, it is necessary to include cereals, lettuce, herbs and vegetables in the diet. Of the protein food Sagittarius is useful for legumes and low-fat varieties of fish, and it is advisable to refuse alcoholic beverages.


Wards of Saturn are prone to being overweight, so they must control not only the size of the portions, but also the quality of the nutrients. It is advisable to give up desserts in favor of fresh fruits and berries, and replace sugar with stevia. Capricorns are strictly prohibited from practicing mono diets and strict restrictions to avoid food breakdowns. It is much wiser to eat often and in small portions, including more protein on the menu.



Energetic representatives of the air element need not be afraid of extra pounds due to their active lifestyle. Aquarians tend to control their food, they know how to control themselves and rarely succumb to temptations. If, for some reason, the wards of Uranus are not satisfied with their own figure, it is worth revising the daily menu. The diet should be protein, fat and carbohydrate, but it is important to maintain a balance between nutrients.


An unbalanced diet leads Neptune’s wards not only to overweight, but also to digestive disorders. Astrologers do not advise Pisces to have a snack on the run or eat dry food, so as not to acquire chronic diseases. Representatives of the element of water need to eat at the same time, include seafood and cereals in the diet, and replace high-calorie desserts with fresh fruits.

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