Effective hair removal from the body with folk remedies

For every woman, hair removal is an essential part of a must-have beauty and health program. Considering that many simply do not have enough money and time for beauty salons, home hair removal remains the only option. Bologny’s editorial team shares the best folk remedies for body hair removal.

Effective hair removal with folk remedies from the body - reviews, recipes
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How to remove hair with folk remedies

  • Potassium permanganateThe procedure is recommended to be carried out at night. Dissolve potassium permanganate in hot water – until slightly pink. Moisten areas of skin with unwanted hair.
  • Iodine solution. Mix castor oil (5 g), pharmaceutical iodine (1.5 g), ammonia (a couple of drops) and medical alcohol (35 g), wait for complete discoloration. Apply to desired areas twice a day. The course is 3-4 weeks.
  • Pine nuts. Burn the shells, mix the mass out of ash and hot water, apply to the desired areas. 4-5 procedures are enough.
  • Ammonium with flour. Mix wheat flour with hydrogen peroxide (5-6%, 50 ml) and ammonia (10 drops). Apply to desired areas for 10 minutes. For the bikini area, given the sensitivity of the skin, this recipe is not suitable.

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  • Sugar with lemon. Mix with 3 tbsp / L of water lemon juice or acid on the tip of a knife and refined sugar (10 pieces). Keep on fire until the color turns golden and the consistency is plasticine. Apply the mass to the skin and remove quickly.

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  • Soda. In a glass of boiling water, shake h / l of soda. After the solution has cooled, wet a cotton swab (gauze) with it, apply to the desired areas and, fixing, leave overnight. Hair weakens and falls off after 3 treatments.
  • Lime. Mix calcium sulfite with quicklime (10 g) to a “sour cream” consistency, apply to the skin and rinse off after 20-30 minutes.
  • Tar with nuts. Mix young walnuts with tar (1 tbsp / l) in a jar, leave for 3 weeks, rub into the skin overnight until hair growth stops.
  • One of the helper methods is washing problem areas with a decoction of pine nut husks… After that, it is recommended to wait until it dries completely (do not wipe it off!).
  • Stinging nettle. Grind nettle seeds (40 g), pour in sunflower oil (glass), leave for 8 weeks in a dark place. Strain, regularly lubricate the desired areas.
  • Spurge. Squeeze the stems and leaves of the milkweed. Mix the resulting juice (0.1 kg) with aloe juice (50 g) and lime (50 g). Rub into the desired areas, rinse off after 15 minutes, grease with a fat cream.
  • Poppy self-seeding. Burn the plant, lubricate problem areas with the resulting ash.
  • Young wild grapes. Lubricate the desired areas with the squeezed juice of the plant, gently rubbing it into the skin.

Do not forget to consult a doctor before using any folk remedy! Considering that each organism is individual, the consequences can be the most unexpected. Make sure the product you choose isn’t harmful!

Depilation with folk remedies – video

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