Elizabeth Taylor – options for modern images

As part of the Transformations project, our team decided to conduct an experiment and imagine which of the modern hairstyles could suit the legend of world cinema Elizabeth Taylor.

The future movie star was born into a family of two actors who were forced to return to their home in Los Angeles at the beginning of the war. The first role went to the actress when she was barely 10 years old. After that, Elizabeth actively starred, and at the age of 19 her acting work began to receive positive reviews from critics.

In addition to a bright creative, Taylor had a stormy personal life. Her appearance had a rare mutation, in which the eyelashes grew in two rows, which made the actress’s gaze deep and expressive. In addition, a similar eye color, like hers, is extremely rare. The hue was described as a deep blue, closer to violet. The star appeared in public with one hair color, black, and often cleaned it up. A modern haircut and a shade of dark chocolate could give the actress’ facial features new colors:

Elizabeth taylor hairstyle1
photo 1

Deep violet eye color could be highlighted in contrast to copper hair color:

Elizabeth taylor hairstyle2
photo 2

A lady in the form of a femme fatale often chooses a square. A bang cut just above the eyes could highlight their expressiveness and depth, while the cheekbone length would reveal a beautiful neck, focusing on the natural plump lips:

Elizabeth taylor hairstyle3
photo 3

The long hair that popular bloggers love so much now would suit Elizabeth Taylor:

Elizabeth taylor hairstyle4
photo 4

And the image with blond hair could be completely unusual:

Elizabeth taylor hairstyle5
photo 5


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