Elizaveta Kostyagina from the MONOLIZA group gave an exclusive interview to magazine

Interview with Elizaveta Kostyagina MONOLIZA group specially for magazineThe MONOLIZA group is well known not only in St. Petersburg, but also far beyond its borders. The popularity of the group is growing, and this merit belongs entirely to its leader, vocalist, songwriter and just a beautiful girl – Elizaveta Kostyagina.

In the busy schedule of trips and performances, Liza Kostyagina found time to share with us her views on life and work, and also told about plans and prospects.

Lisa, so many standard previews and band descriptions. We would like to ask you, as a creative person, to compare your group with some kind of fairy tale and tell in a nutshell about its heroes))

It’s difficult for me with fairy tales, and so far I only discover the guys for myself from all sides, since this composition is quite new (except for Grisha), and I hope it is a little more realistic than fairy-tale heroes)

Grisha is our “oldest” member, drummer, always brings a lot of interesting arranged ideas and is responsible for the pauses between songs)

Valera is a bass player, responsible for managing the playback and always promptly helping to change something.

Ivan, Vanya is a young and ambitious guitarist who dreams of a solo career and often creates a mood.

Semyon is our new sound engineer, he created his whole control room for us, only he knows the approach to it, and now we are in his slavery.

Marina is our director, press attaché, PR manager in one bottle.

You have been studying music not from birth, but when did you have a conscious desire to practice vocals?

In music, I always had good grades, but I don’t remember what it was connected with …

In general, the most long-awaited subjects for me at school were music and physics. In general, everything remained at the same level)

In our genre, “singing well” is a very slippery concept. The main thing here is what to sing about, and about what.

Interview with Elizaveta Kostyagina MONOLIZA group specially for magazine

Are there any songs now that are yours, but you no longer like them. Does it ever happen that a performer has “outgrown” a song? The meaning no longer seems so deep, and the thoughts are already different …

It happens that the songs get a little bored over the long years of life together, in this case we give them a new shell (for those who watched the TV series “Altered Carbon”), and then everything falls into place.

As you know, musicians have not only excellent hearing, but also memory. Have you ever forgot the words of your songs? Does this often happen with artists?

This happens to me all the time. Not whole songs, of course, but sometimes a line or a word will fly out.

The point here is not a bad memory – you are distracted by some technical moment, and so on …

And only the songs that sit deep in the muscle memory continue to sound, no matter what.

Is music for you a hobby, a job, and the meaning of life? Or is there still a basic life (family, friends), and music is only some part of it?

My life is not divided into some basic and non-basic parts. Everything that happens to me is my life.

During periods when there are no concerts, I devote more time to sports and travel. And it happens that they left, and everything else has to be postponed.

Is the artist’s lifestyle stressful or delightful for you? How hard do you find your job, and what is the most difficult part of it specifically for you?

The road in a 1930 carriage is stressful for me, and returning back in some branded double-decker train is a completely different matter.

Likewise, living conditions and performances are different, but the result is determined by the results of the concert.

If the concerts went well, then some everyday inconveniences are quickly forgotten.

Are fans always a joy? Do your fans often invite you somewhere?

The fact that new fans are appearing is always a joy. They invite, write, do not take offense)

Do you reply to letters?

I answer when communication does not turn into the “obsession” status, I always thank you for the kind feedback.

What was the most pleasant and unusual thing that your fans gave you?

They gave concerts, albums, tablets, rackets, clothes, there was a book with the lyrics of our songs, there was even a scooter!

– What would you like to receive as a gift? Would you accept, for example, a song as a gift?

I would like a song, but no one knows what it should be. Therefore, it is impossible without my participation.

You are very fond of traveling. What places have sunk into the soul so much that you want to return there again?

I love India, I have been returning there for many years in a row.

I love Latvia, Estonia.

Is the ideal day of your vacation the beach, the sea, the sun? Or is it always new places, acquaintance with culture, or maybe shopping?

A perfect day should contain it all!

How do you feel about extreme? Extreme sports, climbing Mount Everest, skydiving – have you tried something, or are you going?

Extreme is definitely not for me, I have enough emotions in my everyday life, something constantly happens to me …

How do you rest and relax? How many hours do you sleep?

Some kind of spa, sauna, travel or just a trip somewhere out of town, sports, and gluttony, of course.

I sleep 8-10 hours if possible, but it is only available at home.

Interview with Elizaveta Kostyagina MONOLIZA group specially for magazine

Do you have bad habits?

There are harmful ones, but talking about them is harmful to the image.

Right nutrition and healthy lifestyle are in vogue now. How do you keep track of your nutrition? Do you like tasty food, cook something?

I keep track of my nutrition when I work out in the gym, which is logical. In general, I don’t like to follow him.

I like to eat very much, I do not know how to cook)

Are you interested in politics? Do you want to bring up politics in your songs?

No, I am very far from politics, such themes for songs have not yet come to mind.

But, as you know, never say never …

Many musicians are developing their businesses in parallel. Do you have any plans in this direction?

Yes, I am thinking about my own clothing line, glasses, a club with a good concert venue, a recording studio, but this is inaccurate).

In the meantime, we have a family business – beauty salons “New World”, which appeared long before my music.

In one of your interviews you said that you are fond of literature on psychology and philosophy. Are there any books that have turned your mind upside down?

Once upon a time it was Erich Fromm’s book The Soul of Man. And now my consciousness has strengthened, and it is already difficult to turn it over or move it with anything.

If you could sing a duet with any foreign celebrity (Madonna, Celentano, Enrique Iglesias and others), who could it be?

David Bowie has always had a fascinating effect on me since the children’s movie Labyrinth.

And if you take Russian stars?

With the Russian so far everything has come true) Svetlana Surganova and Vladimir Shakhrin.

We need to come up with a new goal and go towards it.

What is your favorite place to perform today, and where would you dream of performing?

There is a Jagger club in St. Petersburg.

Moscow is in the plans, but I would not like to voice them yet. Hopefully, the first information about the autumn concerts will appear soon.

How will your life change if you become very rich and very famous? Is there such a desire at all?

– A line of clothes, glasses, I will open a recording studio, a club with a good concert venue)

I will, whenever possible, help those who need it. But this is also inaccurate.

Describe the happiest moment in your life. A happy person is …

– A happy person is a person who does what he likes. And if someone else likes it, then the effect is doubled.

But there is no limit to perfection, and I hope that the happiest moment is yet to come. I will definitely tell about it in my memoirs!

Interview with Elizaveta Kostyagina MONOLIZA group specially for magazine

Especially for Women’s magazine

We thank Elizabeth for the utmost honesty and sincerity in the conversation. We wish her endless inspiration, a full range of emotions and good opportunities for the embodiment of her rich creative potential!

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