Ellen Pompeo claims her husband doesn’t mind being henpecked

Actress Ellen Pompeo does not hide the fact that her husband Chris Ivery is not the leader in the family. She loves to act like a boss, she has a lot of ambitions. But if she asks too much, he does not notice her demands.

The 49-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star is delighted that her husband is not afraid of strong women. She and Chris got married in 2007, they live in perfect harmony. But sometimes her courage is too strong. And then he just releases her nagging on the brakes.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo in public

Ellen Pompeo in public

“My spouse is not afraid of my inherent desire to command, my passion,” says Pompeo. – I could not even imagine that at that age I would be at the peak of my career. I am still at the top of the business, and there is no end in sight. I have a tendency to act like a boss at home. After all, I have to manage a million cases. Chris is very good at showing me that I’m talking to him like a subordinate at work. Sometimes she retorts: “I don’t work for you, don’t talk to me in that tone.” And that’s okay. I need to hear such words if I am not behaving correctly.

Ellen Pompeo and her husband

Ellen Pompeo and her husband Ivery

Ellen Pompeo and her husband and daughter

Ivery allows herself to be pressured. But his wife does not allow her to go too far.

“My husband is not capable of multitasking,” Ellen adds. “For this reason, I hired an assistant, two nannies and two housekeepers. I am fortunate to be able to afford so many employees. I don’t ask him for much, because he is a walking disaster. The poor fellow cannot cope with several things at the same time.

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