Ethical cosmetics that are not tested on animals

Ethical cosmetics that are not tested on animals - 9 brandsEthical cosmetics include products that support the global animal rights movement. Its symbol is a white rabbit.

Companies that support the law on the abolition of vivisection (testing products on animals) receive international Cruelty Free certificates.

How to check cosmetics for ethics?

Products labeled Cruelty Free on the packaging are ethical cosmetics that are not tested on animals and do not contain substances of animal origin. Each company undergoes a rigorous selection process to obtain this status.

Ethical cosmetics that are not tested on animals - 9 brands

The list below contains the most popular ethical cosmetics brands.


This is a young brand that received the first Cruelty Free ethical certificate in Russia. “All the power of living nature!” – says the slogan of the company, and Levrana fully complies with it.

The history of the company began thanks to the little daughter of their founders. A married couple looked for perfume-free and chemical-free products for the baby in stores, but it was difficult to find a natural composition on the shelves. They ended up making their own shea butter soap. This natural remedy was handcrafted and became the first product in 2015.

Levrana ethical cosmetics

At the moment, the assortment of the brand includes creams, body milk, shower gels and natural deodorants. Levrana does not test its products on animals and does not use animal products. The only exception is lip balm with beeswax and honey in the composition.

Only Levrana has a line of sunscreens with a completely natural composition among all domestic products. They are constantly improving the formula of the product, thanks to which the cream is well absorbed and does not transmit UV rays.


The brand is originally from the UK and specializes in personal care cosmetics. NatraCare manufactures wipes, pads and tampons. All products are made of unbleached cotton, do not contain impurities and fragrances.

NatraCare Ethical Cosmetics

NatraCare products are suitable for people prone to allergic reactions. The company produces organic cotton wipes that perfectly care for the skin of a newborn.

All-natural, wet cleansing wipes are available for makeup removal.

Derma E

The California brand has been on the market of world cosmetic brands for more than 30 years – and does not give up its positions. Derma E is free from animal products, mineral oil, lanolin, and gluten.

The founder of the company is Linda Miles, Doctor of Oriental Medicine. A distinctive feature of the Derma E brand is the development of cosmetics that slow down the aging process of the skin. All products are rich in antioxidants.

Derma E ethical cosmetics

Derma E cosmetics should be chosen according to the type of skin and the desired effect. You can find moisturizers, cleansers, and toners.

The assortment of the brand includes serums, creams, scrubs, masks and cleansing gels.

Mad hippie

A daring young company not only produces natural cosmetics, but also communicates its philosophy to customers. Mad Hippie has appeared in America with her mission – “To increase the amount of beauty around the world.” Brand beauty includes health, self-confidence, optimism and social relationships. The brand stands for tolerance and caring for each other, regardless of gender, orientation, age and species. The last point also echoes the ethical norms of the Cruelty Free movement.

Ethical cosmetics Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie’s manufacturing process is very sustainable. They don’t test substances on animals, they ditched synthetic flavors, SLS and petrochemicals. All manufacturing in Portland is powered by alternative energy sources. Even for text printing, the company uses soy ink.

Mad Hippie products have a pleasant texture and gently care for the face and body. They are suitable for all skin types. The brand’s favorites are a creamy skin cleanser and a vitamin C serum.

Meow Meow Tweet

The brand with a funny name originated in New York. Meow Meow Tweet are the pet names of the founders of the company. Despite the small production, the brand is constantly involved in charitable companies. She donates part of the proceeds to animal welfare and forestry funds, cancer research organizations, and supports the introduction of healthy menus in mainstream schools.

Ethical cosmetics Meow Meow Tweet

The company has received several certificates confirming the ethics of cosmetics. Products are produced in bottles and jars with cartoon and funny images of animals. Meow Meow Tweet makes natural deodorants in stick or powder form. You can find products with the scent of lavender, bergamot and grapefruit. Natural soap with walnut extract is also popular.

Meow Meow Tweet launches colored lip moisturizers. Bright blue balm with eucalyptus and rosemary packed in a cute box with a picture of a whale and a surfer cat.


The Italian brand has been producing cosmetic products for teenage girls and young women since 1976. The name Pupa is translated as “chrysalis”.

The founders of the company were confident that success lies not only in high-quality products, but also in beautiful packaging. They produced bottles and boxes of unusual shapes and sizes, offering customers to buy cosmetics as a gift to loved ones.

Ethical cosmetics Pupa

Pupa has been on the list of non-animal tested cosmetics since 2004. We are talking about finished products. But the company can only be partially ethical… The brand uses ingredients that have been tested on animals prior to 2009. After this date, all substances that make up the cosmetics are tested in other ways.

Pupa’s most popular product is Vamp volumizing mascara! Mascara. It comes in seven different shades.

Among the bestsellers is Luminys Matting Powder. It has a very delicate texture, but at the same time it stays on the face for a long time and hides skin irregularities well.

Lime Crime

The brand originated in Los Angeles and quickly conquered the global beauty market. Lime Crime is bright cosmetics. The company is not afraid to release rich palettes and add sparkles.

Lime Crime does not use animal ingredients and also supports the Cruelty Free movement.

Ethical cosmetics Lime Crime

The most popular product of Lime Crime is the unique Unicorn hair tint. It gives the strands bright and juicy shades. For example, pink or lavender.

Due to the overwhelming success of the product, the firm called all of its products unicorn cosmetics. A vivid image of a person who stands out from the rest is embedded in the concept of a fairy-tale character. Another well-known line of the company is the Venus eyeshadow palette.


The bottles of the products of the German brand are not decorated with the image of a jumping rabbit. But that doesn’t mean Essence is testing its cosmetics on animals. Most of the brand’s products are sold in those European countries where animal testing is prohibited. Therefore, the founders of the brand believe that there is no need for ethical labels.

Ethical cosmetics Essence

The company is of the opinion that all the money should be spent as much as possible on the quality of cosmetics, and minimally on an advertising campaign. Therefore, their care products are of low price and high quality. Which confirms the title of “Cosmetic Brand No. 1 in Europe” according to the data of Euromonitor International for 2013.

Popular products of the brand include eyeshadow series “All about”. Each palette contains 6 colors, from nude to rich shades.

Essence produces long-lasting matte and glossy lipsticks that appeal to customers with deep shades and pleasing texture.


Korean Tony Co. launched a world famous American brand back in 1999. At the time of the creation of the brand, the girl was only 26 years old. She worked in a cosmetics store in Los Angeles since childhood and noticed that there were very few persistent and bright new products on the market. This is how NYX was born.

The brand name is associated with the ancient Greek goddess of the night, Nyx. The brand often uses shiny coatings, and the sparkles resemble a scattering of stars.

Ethical NYX cosmetics

The NYX brand is on the list of cosmetics that are not tested on animals. The company is recognized by the international organization for the protection of animals PETA.

NYX began its journey with the launch of a series of eyeliners called the Jumbo Eye Pencil. Due to the thick stem and light texture, it could not only be used as an eyeliner, but also be used instead of shadows. Now famous pencils are available in more than 30 shades.

Many manufacturers position themselves as defenders of the fauna, but at the same time test their products on animals. This list of ethical cosmetics includes only trusted manufacturers who have received international Cruelty Free certificates for their products.

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