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Summer makeupThe warm season is approaching, which means that you need to familiarize yourself with the features of summer makeup in advance in order to make it more durable and beautiful. You’ve probably noticed that at different times of the year, the skin reacts in its own way to the environment. The difference in makeup of different seasons depends on this. So what is it?

Preparing the skin for summer makeup – features

In summer, as a rule, sweat and sebaceous glands work more actively. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully cleanse the skinit is important not to overdo it.

In addition to makeup remover, be sure to use foam for washing just before make-up to remove excess sweat and sebum from the skin that has accumulated overnight. In this case, the cosmetics will fit on the face much better.

Clear skin

Do not forget about a moisturizer – because sweat removes fluid from the skin, the balance of which needs to be restored.

Moreover, drink more water, because this also has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

And of course use sunscreen… You can apply them on your face after washing your face for an hour and a half before you start doing makeup. Then they will have time to be absorbed, and will not affect the durability of cosmetics.

Foundation and powder in summer makeup

Better to put it aside in summer dense tonal foundations – and give preference to light BB or CC creams… Their texture is best absorbed by skin exposed to heat and sunlight.

BB CC cream

Moreover, in summer, a dense covering on the face looks unnatural, and often does not linger for a long time. Moreover, “heavy” foundation clogs the pores, and since the skin is already having a hard time due to the vigorous activity of the glands, you can get unpleasant consequences in the form of rashes and blackheads.

Instead of matting makeup bases or foundations, it is better to use during the day special matting wipeswhich will help remove excess sweat or oil without negatively affecting the skin.

Matting napkins1

As for the powder, I recommend, if possible, to exclude it from the summer cosmetic “diet”, because by its texture it is a very dense product that creates a significant barrier for the skin, preventing its self-regulation.

If it is not possible to refuse powder, replace it with riceas it is more harmless.

Rice powder

Avoid talcum powder! After all, it is precisely such funds that are very comedogenic. And in the summer, their negative properties, for obvious reasons, only intensify.

Summer eye makeup

In summer, it is best to avoid complex and “multi-layered” eye makeup. It is unlikely that a carefully traced shadow pattern will delight you if it creates a feeling of heaviness in your eyes.

If you like shadows, it is better to use shadows of one shade… It is desirable if it will be creamy and long-lasting eyeshadowor dryapplied to a good base and thoroughly blended. Give preference to light or light and non-intense color shades.

Creamy long-lasting eyeshadow

Do not use eyeliner as an eyeliner, because at high temperatures such a soft and plastic product will be extremely unstable. Do you want to emphasize the contour of the eyes? Use resistant liners or gel eyeliners

Gel eyeliner

As for mascara, I would recommend using waterproof inkto avoid unsightly smudges under the eyes at the end of the day.

Waterproof mascara

Sculptor, blush, highlighter in summer – are they needed?

As for these funds, here I do not see much difference in their use, both in winter and in summer. The only thing is that in the summer I prefer to use more juicy and bright shades of blush.

Also in the summer it is permissible to use bronzer… But – in no case instead of a sculptor, but in addition to him!


Apply a small portion of this shine just over the sculptor. A little more can be applied to the sides of the hairline. To do this, use a fluffy brush.

In the case of a highlighter, in the summer it is often unnecessary to use it as the face shines naturally. Therefore, its use is either excluded or severely restricted.

Eyebrow makeup in summer

Do it yourself or from a master browist eyebrow dyeing… This will save you from the need to put extra makeup on your eyebrows and get dirty once again when you accidentally touch your own painted eyebrows in the heat.

Eyebrow dyeing

Limit eyebrow styling gel: transparent or tinted.

Eyebrow styling gel

I do not recommend dyeing eyebrows with henna, as there are often cases when it causes an allergic reaction on the skin. Many progressive eyebrowers refuse to use this product for coloring, especially since it is not at all as natural as it seems.

Summer lip makeup

When else to paint lips with bright and juicy shades of lipstick, if not in summer? Fuchsia, coral shades, and various shades of pink in summer makeup will look harmonious and appropriate.

Summer lipstick

But be sure to take care of the lip contour.: work it out with a pencil, because in warm weather the lipstick can spread.

Use lip gloss… Glossy lips are a great addition to a summer look.

Lip gloss

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