$ ex in the big city – experimenting with Miranda’s style

As part of the Transformations project, our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and imagine how one of the main characters of the popular TV series “$ ex in the Big City” – Miranda, could look like in her unusual images.

A series about the lives of four girlfriends in New York started in 1998. Each of the girls had their own unique character. Lawyer Miranda Hobbs was the toughest of them all. In search of a man with whom she could find her happiness, the woman was irreconcilable to the circumstances, and often went ahead, completely forgetting about femininity. If a tough strong lady could be a little weaker, then a companion would probably be found much faster:

Miranda image 1
Option number 1

Throughout the series, Miranda appears with haircuts on red hair. If she wanted to emphasize her steely character with her hairstyle, then perhaps she would have stopped at a daring black square with cropped bangs:

Miranda-obraz 3
Option number 2

Or, on the contrary, she chose the most feminine image, growing long curls:

Miranda-obraz 3
Option number 3

A successful woman will find a place for herself everywhere. Even if Miranda had to hide from the coronavirus in a remote Russian outback, she would probably be able to organize a successful business, for example, a farm:

Miranda-obraz 4
Option number 4

Or retrain and become a doctor, using your energy for the benefit of saving mankind:

Miranda-obraz 5
Option number 5
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