Exclusive interview with Alina Grosu specially for magazine

Exclusive interview with Alina Grosu specially for magazineThe popular singer Alina Grosu, who from an early age knows what popularity is, frankly told us about what was lacking in her childhood, for which she, first of all, loves her profession, how she prefers to spend her free time.

Alina also shared her plans for the summer and gave exclusive cosmetic recommendations based on her preferences.

– Alina, you became popular when you were still practically a child. On the one hand, this is undoubtedly good: the stage, bright life and a lot of interesting things. But on the other hand, many believe that child artists do not have a childhood. What is your opinion?

– It seems to me that there is no definite concept of what childhood should be. Perhaps, on the contrary – mine was “correct”.

I believe that everything has a place if it does not harm the development of the little creature. I think that the beginning of my life path did not harm me at all – on the contrary, it created a core in me, which now definitely helps.

I, of course, will not recommend to mothers to send their children to work early. Perhaps this is also wrong. But, given my character and temperament, my parents were definitely not mistaken. I am happy that my childhood was just like that!

– Can you say that you lacked something, and your career “took” some simple joys from you?

– Perhaps, yes … I walked less, “stuck out” less on the street. But, at the same time, I had no stupidity in my head. If I was doing something else, maybe I would start to lead some kind of wrong life. Who knows what could have been if my childhood had been different.

I missed school a little. I finished it as an external student, because we had a big tour planned, and I just could not study, “like everyone else.”

They took teachers with me on tour, and I studied with them alone. There was no support group, so to speak, I could not write off anything from anyone, there were no changes that could be fooled or naughty. It was sometimes difficult without this. So I miss the steady, monotonous attendance at school, such an easy life. These are very enjoyable times.

– And what is the most pleasant thing that your profession has brought you – and brings you?

– First of all, the fact that I can discover new facets of myself, develop what I love, and I succeed.

I live music very much. Not a single day passes in which I would not sing, listen to music, or write something. I am all the time in my field, my environment.

I am happy because, thanks to my profession, I can meet many people. I am a very sociable person, I like to travel and constantly change something in my life.

– Summer is ahead. What are your plans: hard work – or is there still time to relax?

– I will be filming at this time in a movie. Therefore, it is unlikely that I will have time for a good rest.

Of course, tagging is not harmful (smiles). I would gladly go somewhere. But now work comes first.

Exclusive interview with Alina Grosu specially for magazine

– Where do you prefer to rest?

– I really love snow. Perhaps because I was born in Chernivtsi, not far from the Carpathians, I love mountains.

The sea is wonderful. But I’m more attracted to an active lifestyle. This is much more interesting for me than just lying down and soaking up the sun.

– Is there a place that you haven’t been to yet, but dream of getting – and why?

– I dream of visiting China. This country has a huge history, there are a lot of attractions.

I am especially attracted by the countries of the East, and I dream of visiting, probably, in each of them.

I am madly in love with traveling, and I hope that in my life I will be able to visit many places, many countries. It would be great to visit all of them!

– With whom do you usually spend your leisure time? Do you manage to set aside enough time in such a busy schedule to be with your family?

– I really like to spend time with family, loved ones, friends, loved one. In general, it is not so important for me where to be, the main thing is with whom.

Every free minute – of which, however, there are not too many – I try to devote to my loved ones.

Even in my free time, I prefer reading, of course. I write music. I like watching new movies, wakeboarding. I prefer to lead an educational lifestyle – either physically or culturally.

– Do you have a favorite way of spending time together with your parents or other close relatives?

– At the moment – this is a pastime with my younger brother. We gather around him and we all babysit together (smiles).

Probably, many people know – when a small child appears in a family, he requires a lot of attention, love, and how he wants to give it all! Therefore, when I can, I am happy to be with my brother and pamper him.

– Alina, with such popularity since childhood, you are probably faced with the need to use cosmetics early enough and take care of yourself. Has it negatively affected your skin, hair, and what are your favorite beauty treatments?

– Yes, I agree, I had to apply cosmetics very early. Moreover, the younger I was, the more cosmetics I put on myself. I do not know why. With age, I came to minimalism, but before I wanted to make up everything: black eyebrows, brilliant eyes, lips too (laughs).

Later I began to understand that this is impossible, that you need to carefully, correctly select makeup, emphasize facial features, and not draw something. Now I hardly wear makeup in my everyday life.

I can’t say that it affected my skin extremely badly. Because it has never been problematic. Maybe a little dry, but aloe gel helps to moisturize it.

In the morning I apply ice to my skin. I do this almost all the time after I wake up. The best way to make ice is from chamomile or mint tincture. It is wonderful! First, it invigorates: you wake up quickly. Secondly, it improves the condition of the skin very well.

I use carmex to moisturize my lips.

Exclusive interview with Alina Grosu specially for magazine

– Do you have any favorite cosmetic brands and how often do you replenish your cosmetics stock?

– I have a lot of favorite cosmetic brands. I love Benefit as they have a lot of tints that do not sketch, but just add a shade, which I really like.

I have at least one product from many brands that I love to use.

– What is your cosmetic minimum: what does your cosmetic bag never remain without?

– What I definitely can’t do without – mascara and carmex. The extreme is even more important.

And I often take the mentioned Benefit tints with me. I wanted to give more brightness to my lips – they help. Also, I usually travel with a remedy for correcting cheekbones from the same company. I use it the most.

– As for the choice of clothes: do you usually buy what you like – or listen to the advice of stylists?

– I usually buy what I just like. Although, of course, I also use the services of stylists. But during my creative activity (and this is almost 20 years) I have already formed my own style, which stylists helped me to create.

I don’t think stylists will tell me anything special now. Unless they will introduce you to some new products and add details to my image. And so I myself understand quite well.

– Are you of the opinion that clothes should be comfortable – or, for the sake of beauty, you can be patient?

– If the clothes are very beautiful, but not comfortable, you will obviously be embarrassed. Therefore, as for me, the main thing is that the clothes are comfortable – and at the same time emphasize all the advantages.

– Do you have time to follow fashion trends? Can you say that any new items surprised or shocked you? And which of the innovations have you gladly acquired – or are you going to?

– Of course, I follow the news. Yes, in principle, a lot of things are shocking (smiles).

At some time, I remember, there was a fashion for transparent boots, and I really wanted them. I got it, but realized that it was impossible to wear them. It’s some kind of leg torture chamber – just a sauna. So if you want to lose weight, put them on and go (laughs).

I was surprised that quite famous people create such a trend – and many women of fashion wear them. But when you put it on yourself, you realize that this is a nightmare!

And from what you like … Not quite an innovation, but very attractive pumps with a pointed toe.

I also like the fashion for socks with sandals. Of course, we are not talking about brown “men’s” socks. For example, in my opinion, girly shiny sandals with neat socks a la “schoolgirl” look great. In my opinion, this is very nice.

– Many creative people are constantly trying themselves in new roles. Do you have a desire to master a new area – perhaps also create a clothing brand?

– In addition to vocal activities, I am engaged in acting. Plus – I’m learning the mastery of the presenter. In addition, I write the songs myself – and sometimes act as the director of my own video clips.

Perhaps I would like to learn something new. But, it seems to me – first, ideally, it is necessary to master everything that I am doing now. And then you can start something else.

– Alina, at one time you have noticeably lost weight. How did you manage it, and how do you maintain your figure now? Do you have a special diet and do you exercise?

– In fact, I didn’t intentionally lose weight, and I cannot say that drastic changes have taken place on the scales. My cheeks just “sunk”. Rather, I just stretched out.

Yes, I try to keep myself in shape. Sometimes I get better – but then I fold right away. Losing weight is half the battle, it is much more important to keep the result obtained.

I do sports, choreography, run – connect everything I can.

Exclusive interview with Alina Grosu specially for magazine

– Do you sometimes allow yourself to relax? Do you have a favorite high-calorie “harmfulness”?

– Yes, there are a lot of them.

I am madly in love with fried potatoes. And I can’t do anything about it. I don’t eat it. But sometimes I cry when I see that someone is eating it (laughs).

I also really like shawarma. It probably sounds strange, but I love the combination of meat and chicken with some kind of harmful sauces, especially barbecue. But for burgers, for example, I am quite parallel.

– And, at the end of our conversation – please leave a wish for the readers of our portal.

– I would like to congratulate you with all my heart on the coming summer! I wish it to be wonderful, positive, with pleasant emotions, with pleasant people, so that only good things will be remembered.

May all your dreams come true, may only loyal, loving people be around. May you always have a purpose for existence.

Peace to your home! Love and be loved!

Especially for Women’s magazine

We thank Alina for a very warm conversation! We wish her inexhaustible optimism in life, work, creativity! New roads, new songs and new brilliant victories!

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