Exercises with a fitness elastic band for legs and buttocks

9 Elastic Leg & Buttocks Exercises for FitnessIn today’s hectic pace of life, not everyone can afford regular visits to gyms in order to spend several hours working on their figure. We must not forget about laziness – if the body is not satisfied, for example, with the shape of the buttocks, there is not enough motivation for full-fledged workouts, and people just get used to an imperfect figure.

Fitness gum – benefits

Especially in order to achieve the desired result in less time, weights were invented. The principle of their work is simple – they create additional stress on the muscles. Thanks to this, less time is spent on sports, and the result exceeds the most daring expectations.

The fitness elastic band by the principle of action resembles an expander. This is an elastic band that, when stretched, forces the muscles to do more work than usual. This is very useful if at some point you get stuck – and cannot move on.

For example, you have already lost a few pounds, and then there is a dead center. In this case, you should increase the load, and the fitness elastic band allows you to do it gently, without harming the body.

At the same time, this sports equipment is suitable even for people with problems with the spine and knees. For example, lunges are contraindicated for arthritis, but tape exercises are not. This means you can help your legs and train them without posing a threat to health.

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Unlike other sports equipment (for example, dumbbells), the leg expander has a number of important advantages:

  • It is a fitness elastic band that helps to cope with such a common and unpleasant problem as flabby areas on the abdomen, hips, buttocks. With its help, the body becomes elastic and fit.
  • This tape does not take up much space, and it weighs practically nothing. So, you can safely take her on vacation – a few exercises as morning exercises, and you won’t even work up your tummy.
  • Fitness elastic band evenly distributes the load over the training area. And the load is very easy to control by changing the degree of tension.
  • This sports equipment is very affordable – you can purchase a set of fitness rubber bands for different muscle groups at any sports store.

The best exercises for legs, abdomen and buttocks with fitness bands

It must be remembered that a fitness gum is almost universal. It can be used when performing any routine exercise.

In this article, we will look at a few example training programs, but no one limits you to experiment! Look for exercises that you like, make your own individual complex and – improve.

Video: Workout Buttocks with a Fitness Gum

Belly, thighs and buttocks

It should be understood that pumping only the buttocks or only the hips will not work. Still, these parts of the body are very close to each other, when walking they work in combination, which means that the load from the exercises will be evenly distributed between them.

Repeat each exercise described in 2-3 sets… Increase or decrease the time between sets depending on how you feel.

At some point, you will need to overpower yourself and increase the load – however, be careful not to injure yourself.

  1. Pull the elastic around your ankles, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Place your arms behind your head and do a deep squat, then straighten and bring your left knee to your right elbow. Repeat with alternating leg and arm – right knee to left elbow. Do it 10-20 times, gradually increase the number.
  2. Get into a plank position by pulling on the ankle elastic band… Take turns putting your feet to the side. The same exercise can be varied. Bring your legs to your chest, gradually increasing the pace, as if you were running.
  3. The fitness band is still around your ankles. Roll over onto your back, alternately raise your legs. Change position, lie on your stomach, and again raise your legs one at a time.
  4. Sit on the rug and rest on your hands. Move the elastic – in the back it should go under the knees, and in the front – a little higher. Keep your feet together, and spread your knees to the sides and bring them back.
  5. Do regular shallow squats… In this case, the elastic should be securely fixed under your sneakers, and you will pull the top edge towards you, straightening. Be careful not to let the tape fly out from under your feet or out of your hands.


You can do some simple exercises every day to get your legs stronger.

  1. If you don’t have knee problems, and lunges are not contraindicated for you, pull the elastic on the ankles – and lunges right and left, then forward and back… Place your hands on your hips, making sure that your back remains straight.
  2. The ribbons come in different lengths. In the event that yours is long and stretches well, you can do this exercise: stretch the lower edge under the feet, and put the upper one over the shoulders closer to the neck. Squat and straighten slowly… A fitness elastic will create additional stress on almost the entire body, including the spine. Do not try to move sharply, it is better to maintain a slow but steady pace.
  3. Thread the elastic in the same way as in the above exercise. Now bend over at right angles, try not to bend your knees. It is better to rest your hands on your sides or hold a fitness elastic band with them so that it does not rub your skin.
  4. Have you seen how professional athletes run? They lean very strongly towards the ground. Feel like a sprinter too – pull the elastic just below the knee of one leg and under the foot of the other. Bend over – and take your leg back, while making such movements with your hands as if you were running… Then change the position of the elastic and repeat the exercise.

Video: Shaking your legs with a fitness elastic band


A fitness elastic is a great tool to create a toned body! Many women have already gotten rid of their problem areas by doing these light exercises.

The most important thing in sports is regularity. Take care of yourself every day, and the result will not be long in coming.

Don’t forget your athleticism and exercise motivation.

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