Expensive and stylish 2020 faux fur coats

Faux fur is both environmentally friendly and much cheaper. Yet elite fashion houses don’t think so. For such things they easily charge from 1,000 to 5,000 euros. In 2019, fashion masters presented chic faux fur coats in their collections. The colors and designs of the products captivated the audience at first sight. Moreover, it was difficult to distinguish them from natural ones. So, what did you remember for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season?

Bold print is always at the helm

2020 faux fur coats
Coach 1941

Stylists offer to stand out against the background of competitors with the help of an original print. In the fashion line of the American brand Coach 1941, a luxurious fur coat with an unusual animal color was presented.

A distinctive feature of the steel product:

  • a voluminous gate that looks like a Medici;
  • large buttons;
  • patch pockets made of leatherette.
2020 faux fur coats1
Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs

Chains that adorned the pockets exquisitely added incredible chic to the model. Another piece of art is the extravagant fur coat from Balenciaga. The designers presented a trapezoidal sample of a charcoal shade with the brand’s corporate logo. The cost of such a “beauty” was estimated at 2,960 euros.

Marc Jacobs also dared to surprise fans. A model of a fur coat with a maxi length appeared in his collection. The “herringbone” print of the product surprisingly impressed the romantic appliqués on the collar.

At the same time, the emerging brand Stand Studio introduced a super fashionable fur coat:

  • Italian length;
  • with a turn-down collar;
  • gradient techniques (transition from dark green to emerald green);
  • with leopard print.
2020 faux fur coats2
Stand Studio

The designers estimate the cost of such a charm at 45,000 rubles. Leather products, as well as items with floral compositions, are ideal for such a luxurious fur coat. Such fur coats with animal prints have always been in demand among “secular lionesses”.

Faux fur coats 20203

Important! A young brand from Japan Sacai distinguished itself in its skills. An emerald-colored fur coat with inserts of brown suede and milky fur appeared in his fashion line. Such a palette of colors and a mix of materials of different texture deserve special attention.

Bright “star” of winter 2020

Contrast. Thanks to her, incredible harmony in nature is achieved. It is she who causes so many vivid emotions and cheers up. Considering these features of color, great designers continue to create fur coats in rich colors. Their dazzling brilliance attracts to itself like a magnet.

Here are some unique models offered by famous brands in the 2019-2020 season:

  • Balenciaga… An azure shade with a sky-blue undertone (Biscay green according to Pantone) perfectly appealed to the unusual design of the fur coat. This model had everything that is currently in trend: an oversized cut, clearly defined shoulders, an asymmetrical bottom and a voluminous collar.

Faux fur coats 20204

  • Stand Studio… The product of a laconic cut made of faux fur benefited from its fluffiness and colors. A soft shade of lilac with notes of saturation of amethis stone gave the fur coat a unique shine.

Faux fur coats 20205

  • Philosophy di Lorenzo… Remarkably, white is considered the brightest shade in the universe. Therefore, the designer of the Italian brand Lorenzo Serafini offered fashionistas a luxurious fur coat with long artificial pile. Her pearl-white fur with a mother-of-pearl shimmer plunged the audience into extraordinary delight.

Faux fur coats 20206

Important! According to the Pantone Institute, “Classic Blue” was recognized as the fashionable and leading shade of 2020. This color is a symbol of calmness, serenity, constancy and confidence. According to the director of the institute, Laurie Pressman, this is precisely what is lacking in modern society.

Faux fur coats 20207
Fleur du mal

Fleur du Mal, the leading American brand, has created a stylish shear coat in the spirit of fashion tradition. A unique shade of coffee with milk and a mega-volume collar turn the girl into a real lady from high society. And this is not taking into account the fact that the fur of the product is completely artificial. The embossed texture of the model gives a special grandeur to the image, and also introduces light notes of chic.

The Big Bang by Marco de Vincenso

Faux fur coats 20208

In this rating of fashionable and expensive fur coats, it is worth mentioning 2 more models of the Marco de Vincenso brand, each worth 1,000 euros. These branded pieces have two features: the unique lushness of the faux fur and the exclusive ripple shade.

The first model is presented in an oversized style, so it creates a kind of balloon illusion. The second fur coat is highlighted by the contrasting edging of the cuffs and sides. The luxuriousness of the products is given by the sparkling shade of the pile, which amazingly plays in the rays of bright spotlights.

Faux fur coats 20209

This review showed that fashion engineers have learned to skillfully disguise synthetic fibers to look like real fur. Therefore, do not hesitate to wear faux fur coats, especially if they are from famous designers.

Which of the mentioned models do you think are the coolest this season?

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