Express makeup – what tools are included and how to do it correctly?

Express makeup productsA full-fledged make-up implies an even complexion, no dark circles under the eyes and at least a small amount of blush on the cheeks. But it happens that there is a need to do a beautiful and long-lasting makeup at a time when you are very limited in time.

How to perform express makeup without compromising your appearance?

You can do without cut-off correction, but if there is an opportunity to highlight the cheekbones, do not neglect it.
Accordingly, various options for quick eye or lip makeup will help speed up the completion of the image.

Express makeup mono shades

In other words, these are shadows applied to the eyelids in a single shade.

Experiment with textures and shades, but remember that there shouldn’t be a clear line between color and your skin. If you use creamy eyeshadows to create a monochromatic makeup, it will be easier: they are easier to shade and, as a rule, more persistent, they can be used without a base.

So, your best friends can be light brown shadows: they will serve for both daytime and evening make-up. In addition, the transition of shadows into the skin will be smooth and natural. Light brown shades will suit girls of any appearance.

Express makeup mono shades

They are applied with a round brush to the area close to the lash line. Further, in a circular motion, they are turned off up and towards the outer corner of the eyes. The lower eyelid is used with the remnants of the product on the hand.

Variants with bright colors are possible, but here it is very important to be careful shade shadows

Apply mascara to eyelashes

Moreover, do not forget to paint over your eyelashes with mascara!

Express makeup color mascara

By the way, you can limit yourself to one ink. But for the makeup to be contrasting, use a medium of unusual color, for example, green or purple ink.

Express makeup color mascara

Agree, it is convenient when beautiful makeup is obtained using only one eye product?

What does express makeup mean?

This is the most suitable option for summer make-up: the eyes will not be overloaded with multi-layering of various products, while they will be emphasized with a bright color.

Eyeliner in express makeup

If you want to create a graphic makeup, but do not want to draw arrows, then line your eyes with a pencil

Arrows in Express Makeup

When creating thin and neat lines, there is no need to waste time on tedious shading: paint your eyelashes and effectively complete your express make-up.

Colored mucous

This option is similar to the previous one, since it also uses Eyeliner (or gel liner). However, only the mucous part is secreted.

Colored mucous in express makeup

It is possible to use a pencil of any color.

Avoid shades of red and pink: these will make your eyes look sickly and tired.

Lip accent completes express makeup

If you prefer to focus on the lips, then paint your eyelashes with ordinary black or brown mascara. But make the lips bright.

Use favorite color lipstick any texture.

Express day makeup

A little life hack: If you are using matte lipstick, apply a small amount to your eyelids and blend thoroughly with your fingertips.

This will give you quick and beautiful eye and lip makeup in one color scheme.

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