Extreme training of the Russian national cross-country skiing team in Ramsau.

That day the weather was cloudy, skiing in the clouds, even raining. We went to ride not on a glacier, but at a height of 1900m – last year’s snow still lies there. The track was laid and “tamped down” by themselves 🙂

Natalya Korosteleva

yana yanovskaya
Yana Yanovskaya, gathering in Ramsau.
sprinters trails
Sprinters are skiing.
devetyarov junior
Mikhail Devetyarov Jr., Ramsau.
godovanichenko nazarova
Daria Godovanichenko and Irina Nazarova, summer training in Ramsau.
Alexander Panzhinsky.
Mikhail Devetyarov Sr. is toiling a ski track.

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