Eyebrow tweezers rating – which one is better?

A quality tool is the basis for good work. This also applies to the correction of eyebrows: ideally, the tweezers should be “an extension of the hand.” Which tweezers should you choose? See our ranking.

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These tweezers are easy to find in stores that sell cosmetics of this brand. In the manufacture of tweezers, stainless steel is used, which avoids corrosion of the material during disinfection.

Tweezers Divage

The tweezers differ in that, despite such a low price, they do an excellent job. The beveled tips of the instrument close tightly, so the hairs that need to be removed do not slip out.

Cost: about 250 rubles


The tweezers produced by a popular cosmetic brand are very expensive. However, its price matches the quality. It has perfect beveled tips.

Tweezers MAC1

With its help, it is very convenient to remove even the shortest hairs. The coating of the case makes working with it even more comfortable: it does not slip out of hands and is pleasant to the touch.

Price: 2700 rubles

Premax 250-1819

It is a modern model of tweezers, the highest quality steel is used for its manufacture. The tool has a comfortable shape, light weight, well thought-out design and remains sharp for a long time after sharpening.

Tweezers Premax 250-1819

Largely due to the listed advantages, many professional cosmetologists choose this particular option.

Cost: 1000 rubles

Henna expert

Beveled metal tweezers with an interesting design, namely with a colored rhinestone at the base. Recommended by eyebrowers as a high-quality and inexpensive tool that is not damaged during disinfection.

Tweezers Henna Expert

It rarely requires sharpening and serves its mistress faithfully.

Price: 500 rubles

Solinberg 251-G77

The tool is made of high-quality steel and has a special shape: the working ends are sharpened on both sides and are inclined, the edges are very clear and allow you to easily grip any hairs.

Tweezers Solinberg 251-G77

The tweezers’ compact size makes it even more convenient to use.

Price: 250 rubles

SHIK Eyebrow Tweezers

Domestic development of makeup artist and eyebrow artist Natalia Shik. Tweezers with designer sharpening, which makes it even more convenient to grip even the most insidious hairs.

Tweezers SHIK Eyebrow Tweezers

The angle of inclination of the beveled ends is suitable for both self-correction and for use by a professional.

Price: 1300 rubles

TOUCH Beauty

An innovative version of the tweezers, which is additionally equipped with illumination. This innovation allows you to manipulate the eyebrows anywhere, regardless of the degree of lighting.

Tweezers TOUCH Beauty

The diodes included in the design direct the light in a precise direction. The working forceps are curved to remove even the finest hairs.

The cost ranges from 650 to 800 rubles

Nikk Mole Hand-sharpened

This tool is also produced by professional makeup artists. It was their experience that made it possible to create such a convenient device: it has a shape that is very comfortable to hold in your hand; wide areas in the middle are suitable for fingers.

Nikk Mole Hand-sharpened Tweezers

This makes the correction even more effective.

Price: 550 rubles

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