Eyeshadow shading – step by step instructions for beginners

How to blend shadowsEyeshadow shading is the basis of a beautiful and neat makeup. Whether it’s daytime or evening make-up, the borders of the color transition of the shadows between themselves or the skin should be smoky and blurred.

However, it is not always possible to do this the way we would like. What’s the secret?

Shadow mat

In order for dry shadows to pass into the skin as smoothly as possible, you need to use backing… It should be a creamy product similar in color to the skin of the eyelids. Usually this is either tintsor liquid or cream eyeshadow flesh-colored or light brown shades. They blend very easily with skin and dry eyeshadows.

Cream eyeshadow

The liner is applied to the eyelids with a thin layer, shading its borders with a round fluffy and small brush. On top of it, dry shadows are applied with a flat brush, which, firstly, will attach to the substrate, and secondly, they are smoothly embedded in it.

Eyeshadow mat

If makeup includes bright shades, then the substrate should also be saturated and in the same range.

It is better to blend it with a synthetic round brush, and as soon as possible, since such products tend to harden within a few minutes. You can apply dry shadows on top of it only after the substrate smoothly “enters” the skin, otherwise you “seal” it, and further shading will be impossible.

Brush movement when shading eyeshadow on the eyelids

Much also depends on how you use the brushes. And which ones. It’s no secret that you need several brushes for a good shading.

Important: I do not recommend using the usual applicators for applying eyeshadow. Get brushes, feel the difference.

I guarantee that after that you will not want to touch the applicators anymore, as you will see how uncomfortable and ineffective they are.

With a flat brush we apply shadows slapping movements, with a small round barrel brush, we place the darkest shade in the corner of the eye and blend the colors together.

Flat brush1
And with a larger and fluffier round brush, we dimming the shadows in the crease of the eyelid and around the edges. It is the work with the last brush that interests us most.

Round eyeshadow brush

  1. Shading, as a rule, is performed in small circular movements towards the outer corner of the eye and slightly upward.
  2. The pressure should not be strong, otherwise the work will turn out “spots”: dirty and ugly.
  3. It is better to hold the brush by the middle of the handle or closer to the outer edge. The brush is an extension of your hand and it is with this approach that you will have better control over its movements.

Feathering shadows step by step

Transitional shades of shadows in shading

If the shades you apply are too bright, it is very difficult to melt them into the skin. So use transition shades in order to apply them around the edges of the shadows and create a smooth transition with their help. Usually these are friable flesh or beige shades.

Apply them directly to the edges with the blending brush in stretching circular motions. This life hack is especially pertinent when creating a smokey ice. “Transitional” shadows should be the final touch in this makeup. In addition to giving the shading the necessary smoothness, they will also help to correct the shape of the make-up.

Feathering shadows

Knowing these basic rules will help you achieve good, clean eye makeup. However, do not rely solely on them.

Since the make-up – jewelry work, one of the important keys to a good result is experience, which is achieved through long practice. Over time, the brushes in your hands will create masterpieces by themselves.

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