Face contouring technique – step-by-step video instructions for face contouring

How to contour the face correctly?Having decided to master the technique of face contouring, girls should know what it is all about, and also determine how to properly make makeup for their type of face with such a technique. We will tell you how to correctly do the contouring and what is needed for this.

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  3. Face contouring lessons step by step

What is face contouring – who is contouring for?

Contouring / sculpting is a special technique that allows you to hide the imperfections of the face, emphasize it and make it more expressive, giving it the correct shape.

Previously, the contouring technique was used only by models that go to the catwalk, or stars. Now, face contouring can be done by any girl at home.

The purpose of contouring is to correct the shape of the face, to hide defects and imperfections.

Strobing technique in stages – how to make a fashionable pale face using makeup?

For example, hide:

  • Asymmetry.
  • Wide jaw.
  • A big nose.
  • Blue circles under the eyes.
  • Pale skin color.
  • High forehead.
  • A flat or plump face.
  • Pimples, etc.

Contouring makes the face look more attractive, expressive – and at the same time voluminous and perfect. It allows the girl to emphasize the dignity of her face.

For example, thanks to such a correction, you can achieve the desired face shape, emphasize the cheekbones, thin nose, etc.

Video: How to make a face correction using the contouring technique?

The contouring technique is as follows: the face is divided into special areas, which are lightened – or, conversely, darkened, depending on the type of face.

Contouring will suit any girl. You can do it under any makeup – you will get the foundation for it.

Contouring will also suit any type of face – the main thing is to know which zones to lighten and darken correctly, which areas to correct.

The shape of the nose and the character of the person

Note that contouring is not done with everyday, natural makeup. It takes a lot of time and requires a lot of cosmetics.

Experts recommend doing contouring for evening make-up when you go to any festive event, or for a make-up for a photo or video session.

Choosing cosmetics and brushes for contouring the face – better means and tools

Facial contouring is divided into two types – dry and oily. Depending on which type of contouring you choose, you need different cosmetics.

  • For dry sculpting, which is most often used for daytime makeup, dry cosmetics are needed, such as: powder, blush, shadows. It is best to use blending brushes.
  • For bold contouring, heavier and more dense, you need: foundation, bronzer, highlighter, corrector or a set designed specifically for contouring. It is better to use sponges or sponges with which you can easily blend the products – and not overload your face with cosmetics.

Let’s list what cosmetic products are needed for contouring:

  1. Concealer palette

The palette can contain a variety of cosmetics. For example, dry – or, conversely, creamy in texture highlighters, correctors, bronzers. They should be selected so that you can contour for your face type.

The MAC and Letual concealer palettes are popular.

  1. Contouring kit

Any girl who is already interested in face contouring knows that there are special professional kits on sale. They consist of several colors, varying from light to dark. They can give the face a certain shape, and at the same time hide flaws.

For example, dark shades can cause tanned skin. And light tones will remove shine, make the skin shine and matte.

The contouring kit can be dry or creamy.

Which is better – decide for yourself:

  • Dry sets resemble powder in texture… They are not applied to the skin in a thick layer, after they do not leave streaks. Feathering them won’t be a problem – with a beveled brush. Some girls use dry concealers as eyeshadows.
  • Creamy kits aren’t that bad either. Their difference is that they not only correct, but also nourish the skin. They may contain useful substances. In order to apply creamy products on the face without streaks, stains, you will need a special sponge or sponge. After applying such cosmetics, you definitely need a powder that gives a matte skin.

In general, a contouring kit is a makeup base. Sets of brands “Anastasia Beverly Hills”, “Kat Van D”, “Nyx” are popular.

  1. Makeup base

You may not want to purchase a palette or contouring kit. Then you will definitely need a make-up base.

They can be served by:

  • Tone cream. It should be the same as your skin tone. Of course, the clearer the product, the better.
  • BB / CC cream. It, just like the foundation, corrects the tone of the face, and also moisturizes it.

Popular makeup bases of such brands: “Maybelline”, “LIBREDERM”, “Holika Holika”.

  1. Blush

Use a blush to finish off your makeup and highlight your cheeks. Better to use a matte, soft pink blush for creamy contouring. Determine the shade depending on your skin color, though.

For dry contouring, blush with mother-of-pearl can be suitable, they will give shine and shine to the face.

Remember that the texture of the blush should be light, delicate. So, you don’t overload your image.

A quality blush should have a dense texture. It is better to choose products that will not crumble and crumble.

Blush of such brands is in demand: “NYX”, “INGLOT”, “Limoni”.

Note that in the winter time, you should apply a blush of a dull shade, and vice versa in the summer, so that tanned skin is emphasized.

Which contouring brush to use is up to you. It depends on your preference, face structure, skin type.

The most versatile brush has a synthetic double bristle type. It is slightly sloped, not soft – but not very hard either. It is easy for her to apply funds evenly, and then shade. Usually the pile of such a brush is not prickly.

The numbers of standard brushes for applying cosmetics to the skin of the face are 130-190. For shading, brushes with a larger cut are suitable.

You can find another handy contouring tool that suits you.

Face contouring lessons step by step – video and photo instructions for contouring

To get the right contouring, first determine your face type and where to apply dark and light shades.

Step by step face contouring lessons

Then follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Applying Makeup Foundation to the Forehead

Start applying different shades of kit or foundation from your forehead. The forehead can be widened or enlarged. Apply dark and light foundation to the forehead. It is better to highlight the center of the forehead with light, and the areas to the temples – dark.

Step by step face contouring lessons

Try to blend the lines so they blend in, but don’t blend in at the same time.

Step 2. Drawing the nose

Draw dark lines on the sides of the nose, and light in the center. It is better if you do not move towards the nostrils and the lines are drawn straight. It is better to start brushing from the eyebrows.

Step by step face contouring lessons

Step 3. Applying foundation to the cheekbones

Take a brush and apply a dark base to the cheekbones, brushing from ear to mouth. Pull in your cheeks, draw a light shade over the bone, and a light shade over the formed cavity.

Step by step face contouring lessons

Remember to blend the applied products.

Step 4. Do not forget about highlighting the area of ​​the lips and eyes

Next, highlight the area under the eyes, the lips and on the chin with the corrector.

Step by step face contouring lessons

Step 5. Feathering

Blend the applied products, trying not to mix them, but to level them.

Note that shading is only needed for creamy products. Dry products will be shaded as soon as they are applied.

Step 6. Applying powder or blush

You can apply powder or blush on top of your makeup base.

Of course, you need to understand that all cosmetics applied in huge quantities can ruin the face, give it the opposite, repulsive effect. Therefore, it is worth determining for yourself whether you need powder and blush after contouring.

Blush can be applied according to the following schemes:

Step by step face contouring lessons

Video: Quick Contouring Instructions – From Fashion Blogger

When contouring, keep in mind that all faces are different. Determine for yourself which features of your face you want to emphasize, which ones – to hide, and think about how best to do it.

If you are proficient in the contouring technique – share your feedback and advice with our readers!

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