Face type and sunglasses – which sunglasses are right for you

How to choose glasses for the type of face – tells the expert stylist of the COLADY magazine.

With the approach of summer, the topic of choosing sunglasses is becoming more and more relevant. To make the right decision, you do not need to chase popular models by purchasing super-fashionable glasses. First, determine what type of face you have and then find the sun protection accessory that’s right for you.

How to find glasses that flatter your style

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In addition to sun protection, comfort and safety, glasses should have a fashionable and modern design, as well as match your style and emphasize your individuality.

General tips for choosing sunglasses

The shape of the glasses for the type of face is selected individually. But, there are some general guidelines for choosing:

  1. Don’t choose frames that match the shape of your face. Those. if you have a round face, round-rim glasses will not work for you. An exception is the oval shape – it suits everyone.
  2. It is desirable that the lower part of the frame of the glasses follows the lower contour of the eye sockets, this creates a sense of integrity.
  3. Do not forget that glasses that sit high on the bridge of the nose visually increase the length of the nose, in the middle of the nose – reduce it.
  4. Make sure that the glasses match the color of your hair, eyes and skin tone.

Choosing sunglasses for your face type correctly

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Oval face type

The face gradually tapers from the frontal part to the chin, the cheekbones protrude slightly. Glasses for the oval face type are selected individually.

This type of face is considered ideal, so all frame shapes are suitable for it: oval, round, square. When choosing, consider your individuality, emphasizing your natural proportions. The owners of an oval face have the opportunity to experiment: wear glasses from almost invisible, non-violating the integrity of the image, to extravagant, eye-catching with their shapes.

Triangular face type

The first type is a high forehead, a pointed chin. The second type is a narrow forehead, wide chin.
For the first type of triangular face, it is necessary to visually reduce the upper and middle parts of the face, as well as smooth the “sharp” chin. For such people, an oval or round shape of glasses is ideal, glasses of the “butterfly” type are contraindicated.

For the second type, when the forehead is much narrower than the chin, rectangular wide rounded frames are suitable. Here you need to emphasize the upper part of the face, so the rim of the glasses should be expressive and attract attention precisely in the upper part. The effect of expressiveness can be achieved not only by the thickness of the frame, but also by rhinestones, as well as by the contrasting color of the frame.

For all types of triangular faces, classic glasses with rectangular frames, rounded at the corners, are suitable.

Round face

The length and width of the face are almost the same.

In this situation, it is necessary to reduce the wide middle and lower parts of the face. The most acceptable form is “cat’s eye”, for example the oval type of glasses. A triangular frame is perfect for a stylish and personalized look. Experiment with asymmetrical glasses when the top and bottom of the frames are not the same.
Avoid the round shape of the frames, as well as massive, dark, bright glasses, which will make the face even rounder and not add attractiveness. If your neck is not very thin, then square frames are ideal. With a thin neck, such glasses will visually make the neck even thinner.

Square face

Big forehead, wide jaw.
In this type of face, the disadvantages are the angular shapes, the angles of the lower jaw, which should be reduced and softened. To do this, you need to decorate your face with thin rounded glasses. They will make the face more feminine, softer and complement the look. The frame in them should be the width of the face. Glasses with rims wider than the face or much less than the width of the face disfigure it. But frames with sharp corners or rectangular shape, people with this face shape should be avoided.

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Oblong face

High forehead, high cheekbones
For this type, when the length of the face is much greater than its width, it is necessary to visually enlarge the face in breadth. This is easy with square, triangular or oval glasses with wide rims. Rimless glasses and glasses that are too small will not work for you.

Heart-shaped face

Wide cheekbones and forehead, narrow chin.
To visually narrow the forehead, you should not focus on the eyes. To do this, you can choose frames in light colors or buy rimless glasses. Focus on the lower part of the face. Glasses with a round narrow frame will do. Avoid large, geometrically lined frames.

Sunglasses should be matched to your face.

Diamond-shaped face

Small forehead, wide cheekbones, narrow chin
People with this face shape need to strive to visually reduce the volume in the cheekbones. A win-win option would be the oval shape of the glasses. Smooth, soft, without sharp lines, the shape of the frames is ideal. Rimless glasses or vertically oriented models will look good. You should not focus on the eye line.


Everyone can choose sunglasses. The main thing is to do it right.

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