Faina Ranevskaya – men in her life, love and relationships

Faina Ranevskaya about love and relationshipsKnown not only for her roles, but also well-aimed, full of life wisdom and irony expressions, Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya lived her entire life alone. Yes, she was surrounded by a halo of glory, many fans wrote to her, but the great actress never had a husband or children.

This saddened the famous actress, but for some reason she could not start a family.

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  1. The first love
  2. Ranevskaya and Kachalov
  3. Ranevskaya and Tolbukhin
  4. Ranevskaya and Merkuriev
  5. Correspondence with fans
  6. The reasons for loneliness

Of course, she had admirers – and, possibly, serious novels, but Faina Georgievna never spread about this. Therefore, there were many rumors about her personal life. One thing is certain: Ranevskaya was ready for anything for the sake of her friends, she was very careful about friendship.

But all the same – friends cannot replace family, and the great actress answered all questions about her personal life with a smile in her characteristic ironic manner.

First love – and first disappointment

Faina Georgievna talked about her first love, which happened to her in her youth. Ranevskaya fell in love with one young handsome actor, who was (as expected) a great ladies’ man. But this did not embarrass young Faina in the least, and she continued to follow him like a shadow.

Once the object of her sighing approached her and said that he wanted to come to visit in the evening.

The girl laid the table, put on her most beautiful elegant dress – and, full of romantic hopes, began to wait for the object of her sighs. He came, but – with a girl, and asked Faina to leave the house for a while.

It is not known what she answered him, but since then the girl has decided not to fall in love.

Faina Ranevskaya in her youth

Love for Katchalov and the beginning of an acting career

Faina Georgievna herself admitted that she was in love with Vasily Kachalov, a famous actor whom she saw in her youth on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. The girl collected his photographs, notes in newspapers, wrote letters that she never sent him – she did all the stupid things that are characteristic of girls in love.

Once Faina Georgievna saw too close the object of her love and fainted from excitement. And, besides, it was also unfortunate: she was pretty badly hurt. Kind passers-by took the girl to the pastry shop and gave her rum. Having regained consciousness, Faina Georgievna again fainted, because she heard Vasily Kachalov asking her about her health.

Actor Vasily Kachalov

The girl told him that her main goal in life was to play on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Later, Vasily Katchalov arranged a meeting for her with Nemirovich-Danchenko. Good friendly relations were established between Faina Georgievna and Kachalov, and they often began to visit each other.

At first, Ranevskaya was shy and did not know what to talk to him about, but over time, the timidity passed, but admiration and respect for him remained.

Did Ranevskaya fall in love with the military?

Many attributed to the great actress an affair with Marshal Fyodor Ivanovich Tolbukhin. Sympathy immediately arose between them, common interests were found, and the acquaintance soon grew into a strong friendship.

Ranevskaya herself said that she “did not fall in love with the military,” but Tolbukhin was an officer of the old school – which, apparently, attracted Faina Georgievna.

F. Tolbukhin

She left Tbilisi, but did not stop communicating with the marshal. They met periodically in different cities.

Their relationship soon ended – in 1949 Fyodor Ivanovich passed away.

Acting tandem – and another blow in your personal life

Faina Ranevskaya also had warm relations with actor Vasily Merkuriev. He was supposed to play the Forester in the fairy tale “Cinderella”.

At first, his candidacy was rejected – they say, it was not proper for a famous actor to play the role of a henpecked man, afraid of a grumpy wife.

Faina Ranevskaya and Vasily Merkuriev in the movie Cinderella
Faina Ranevskaya and Vasily Merkuriev in the movie Cinderella

But Ranevskaya stood up for Merkuryev, who highly appreciated his acting talent.

For the actress, the news of his death came as a heavy blow. According to the memoirs of Faina Georgievna herself, he was not only a wonderful actor, but also a wonderful person. It had everything that the famous actress so appreciated in people.

Correspondence as an alternative to personal life

Despite the warm relationship with directors and actors, most of the famous actress’s personal life was correspondence. Faina Ranevskaya bathed in the rays of glory, and the paintings with her participation were a success, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that many fans wrote to her.

The most amazing thing is that no matter how many letters there were, Faina Georgievna answered everything. The man, however, wrote, tried – if she did not answer, then he could be offended. It often happened that a person, having received an answer, wrote the following letter of gratitude, and so correspondence arose between the actress and the fans. If it was possible to publish them all, then people could learn a lot of interesting things about the spirit of that era, about people, and about Faina Ranevskaya herself.

The reasons for loneliness in the personal life of a great actress

Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya is an example of how a person surrounded by glory can be lonely. The great actress herself was calm about her fame and did not consider it a happiness. She told the story of how she had to play in public in a serious condition. And not because she wanted to play so much, but simply the audience demanded exactly her. They didn’t care what her health was, and some of them even wrote bold notes to her. And after this incident, Faina Georgievna hated fame.

Ranevskaya was very careful about her friends and relatives. I was always ready to help them, to give away the last savings.

She was very upset about the loss of loved ones. In old age, her only affection was a dog named Kid. She took the poor dog on the street when the frost was bitter and went out.

Faina Ranevskaya with her sister and the dog Malysh

It is not known why the great actress was unable to start a family. Ranevskaya, who loved to be ironic and joke about herself, said that those with whom she fell in love never fell in love with her – and vice versa. Maybe the reason was unsuccessful youthful romances because of which Faina Georgievna became disillusioned with love?

Faina Ranevskaya about love and relationshipsFaina Ranevskaya about love and relationships

Or maybe she understood that if she wants to devote herself to the stage, the relationship will not allow her to do this.

Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya played in the theater until she was 85 years old. It was very difficult for her to make the decision to retire. But her health no longer allowed her to work.

The great actress, who gave all of herself to the stage and the audience, was never able to know family happiness. But Faina Ranevskaya did not allow herself to lose heart, and her ironic statements became famous catchwords.

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