Famous women who don’t age

Famous women who do not age - what do they do, what is the secret of youthIt seems that many famous women do not age, time has stopped for them. Fans of famous personalities are interested in what is the secret of eternal youth.

Let’s try to find out how these ladies manage not to succumb to time.

10 beautiful women of age who will give odds to the young

Laura Hsu

The 43-year-old woman is known by Instagram users. Pictures of the beauty flew around the entire world network and made a splash.

Surprisingly, despite her age, she is still mistaken for a teenager. A seemingly well-known Thai designer can’t get even 20.

To questions from fans, the lady replies that this is the merit of a correct lifestyle. The woman does not eat meat products at all, she prefers to eat fruits and vegetables.

He drinks only water, carbonated drinks are completely excluded, he allows himself a cup of black coffee in the morning.

Laura Hsu

Doesn’t go to the solarium. Says that the sun and ultraviolet light spoil the skin of the face. Therefore, on walks, she wears caps with a visor, which protect her from direct sunlight.

Lore also says that she makes sure that the skin is always hydrated. Uses creams, serums and masks with lotus extracts.

He devotes a lot of time to physical training – only exercise will help maintain a teenage figure.

Elizabeth Hurley

I recently celebrated my 54th birthday. But many still mistake her for a 30-year-old woman.

The actress says she did not undergo plastic surgery. And he looks young because he leads an active lifestyle.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth goes in for sports, swims, walks a lot. In addition, the woman emphasizes that she never goes on diets. A balanced diet is a way of life, and a menu compiled by professionals does not allow you to gain extra pounds.

Folake Hantong

This lady is 43 years old. She is a well-known stylist and fashion designer in Japan, but she is also known outside the country.

Has 3 children. Motherhood did not affect either the figure or the face of the woman.

The secret of youth, according to Hantong, lies in the love of life. This person is never discouraged, no one has seen her in a bad mood, she is distinguished by an optimistic mood.

Folake Hantong

He starts the day with a glass of water – and does not part with a bottle of pure water for a minute.

He is engaged in yoga and Pilates, notes that he does not like to run. But asanas are a great substitute for jogging.

Hantong looks after his appearance and never allows himself to appear in public without makeup.

Liu Yelin

She became famous thanks to her son. The young man complained about his mother on social networks. He stated that the parent was to blame for his loneliness. When Liu is with him, the girls think that this is his beloved and do not want to maintain a relationship.

Liu Yelin with her son

Indeed, the young man’s 50-year-old mother looks at most 18 years old. She also never had plastic surgery. Instead, the Chinese woman prefers:

  1. Swim a lot.
  2. To walk alot.
  3. To engage in the gym.
  4. There are plant foods and fish.

Perhaps the secret of youth lies in the means of Chinese traditional medicine. Liu does not hide the fact that he prefers to be treated with non-traditional means. Although it is extremely rare.

In addition, a woman’s beauty is natural, she does not use cosmetics.

Risa Hirako

Japanese model, film actress. Looks amazing, and in fact she crossed the 45-year milestone.

Believes that the secret of youth is hidden in natural cosmetics and skin care products. She also leads an active lifestyle, does not stop participating in filming and photo sessions.

Risa Hirako

She prefers to eat fish and seafood – they are rich in iodine, which is important for women’s health.

Nicole Kidman

This Hollywood diva is getting more beautiful over the years. Although, unlike its competitors, it uses the latest developments in the field of cosmetology. So, it is known that Nicole regularly undergoes chemical peeling procedures and does a facelift.

Nicole Kidman

But the result is important, not how it is achieved. Kidman looks luxurious, although not so long ago she celebrated 52 years.

Despite her age, the woman flourishes and recommends all the fair sex to use all available techniques to preserve beauty.

Milla Jovovich

This American actress is 43 years old. And time is good for her too. The model, fashion designer and musician looks better than ten years ago. She blossomed and prettier.

Milla visits a beautician every week without fail. Moisturizes the skin twice a day. In addition to creams, she uses nourishing and toning masks.

She does not follow a constant diet, but notes that she always cares about the quality of drinking water. She prefers her to coffee and juices.

Milla Jovovich

Milla admitted that she allows herself to relax and eat something forbidden on the weekend, but 5 days a week she eats mainly vegetables and fruits.

For a long time, Jovovich studied martial arts. It is these trainings, according to the actress, that allow her to keep her figure in good shape and always look fit.

In addition, Milla enjoy hiking in the surrounding area. Her daughter is usually her companion. And sometimes activists even spend the night in a tent in the fresh air.

All this allows a woman to get rid of the burden of everyday worries and remain cheerful.

Salma Hayek

A burning brunette attracts the eyes of men like a magnet. Seeing her pictures, you would never think that this Mexican actress is already 52 years old.

In an interview, Salma talked about meeting with an instructor who changed her life. The coach advised the perpetually busy actress to train in any free moment. Therefore, Hayek dances even when he brushes his teeth.

The secret of her youth is in perpetual motion. This allows you not to gain excess weight, and not to age – not only in body, but also in soul. The woman amazes with her love of life.

Salma Hayek

She invented her own method to keep the lightness of her gait: the actress climbs the stairs only with her back forward. The lady believes that such an exercise corrects posture.

Salma rinses off cosmetics only with water, and does not use special products. She claims that the main thing for the skin is cleanliness and hydration. Then no wrinkles will be scary. This secret was shared with the woman by her grandmother.

Salma’s diet is also somewhat different from the diet of previous beauties. The Mexican woman regularly drinks bone broth and certainly adds a spoonful of apple cider to it. Many will now grimace. But Hayek knows that this broth is the source of collagen, which is so important for maintaining youthful skin.

Sofia Rotaru

Let’s not ignore our stars. The Bulgarian singer, who conquered the Soviet stage, is familiar to modern youth.

An ageless woman does not fade over the years. Believe it or not, she is 71 years old. However, until now, no one gives her more than 35. She has long been recognized as the youngest singer of the foreign and domestic scene.

Sofia Rotaru

She is said to drink a special potion to maintain her attractiveness.

According to the singer, she managed to achieve a similar effect thanks to:

  1. Regular use of the sauna.
  2. Physical activity.
  3. Daily procedures by a masseur

Several years ago, there were rumors that Rotaru had resorted to stem cell rejuvenation. However, the singer herself does not confirm the information. And she says that she is young because of the constant movement, which she wishes to her fans.

Christina Orbakaite

Diva’s daughter celebrated her 48th birthday. However, hardly anyone will say that a woman has changed a lot in the past 20 years. She is as fresh and young as she was in her youth.

Christina takes daily baths with sea salt, does aerobics. It is known that the singer resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. But why not use the latest developments, since they give such an effect?

Orbakaite is not overweight, loves to dance, have fun. She uses only high quality cosmetics. He believes that the older a woman is, the more time she should devote to self-care.

Christina Orbakaite

He calls proper nutrition the basis of a healthy lifestyle. She prefers:

  • Fruit.
  • Vegetables.
  • Fish.
  • Water.
  • Milk products.

No harmful fats and flour delicacies. She doesn’t eat sweets, and she doesn’t see anything special about it.

“There are so many goodies around that can replace chocolate without spoiling your figure,” says the woman.

It also applies to salinity in the same way. In nutrition, the main thing is to observe the measure and not overeat.

She regularly goes for a facial massage and makes microcurrents.

Thus, all the beauties who have retained their youth say that the main secret is movement and proper nutrition. And the rest will follow.

Stay young and attractive despite your age!

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