Fans did not recognize the plump Mischa Barton

The once popular and charming actress Mischa Barton is clearly not in her best shape today. At least, this is evidenced by recent photos of the star, which shocked her fans. The paparazzi captured Misha while shopping in Los Angeles and she looked, I must say, not in the best way: a floating oval of the face, unkempt skin, a clearly visible excess, which the celebrity emphasized in an unsuccessful way.

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton2

Fans to smithereens criticized the star, noting that she looks older than her age and does not at all look like her old self.

  • “What a rare unconventional beauty she was, and how sad to see what she did to herself…” – albabeauty.
  • “Yoshkin cat, look like that at 34! Auntie has completely become “, – polythene_pam.
  • “Doesn’t look like herself at all!” – Inna Anfilatova.

Alcohol, drugs, nervous breakdowns

What happened to the famous beauty of the 2000s? Unfortunately, Misha did not cope with the fame that had befallen her and, plunging into the world of parties and fun, became addicted to alcohol and prohibited substances. According to acquaintances of the girl, she began to drink alcohol at the age of 14 and since then she regularly “breaks down”, going into a binge.

In 2009, the actress was forcibly sent for treatment, but this did not help – in 2017, history repeated itself, and the star again ended up in a psychiatric clinic. Due to problems with alcohol and illegal substances, Misha became very ugly, she was no longer offered roles. As a result, the girl’s acting career went downhill.

Mischa Barton 3

Mischa Barton today

Recently, almost nothing has been heard about the actress – she rarely pleases fans with new roles and appearances. Her most recent projects include Ouiji House, Pain Relief, and Detachment, as well as Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately, none of these projects returned the actress to the former fame and trust of the film studios.

Mischa Barton 4

Mischa Barton’s case is a lesson for all young stars and a perfect illustration of how addiction can ruin careers, health and appearance.


Some people can’t stand the burden of fame and money that suddenly fell on him. And so that the powerful energy of popularity does not destroy a mentally weak person – the subconscious mind relieves its bearer of this burden. This is how drugs, alcohol, rampant shopping, gambling addiction appear – any ways to drain money as soon as possible. Good job offers disappear, money runs out, and a person returns to the form of existence for which he is morally ready.

Therefore, it is not for nothing that they say that in order to begin to bring your body into shape or to start striving for your dream, you must first put your head in order.

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