Fashion trends of the cage – coats, jackets and raincoats in a cage

Fashion trends of the cage - coats, jackets and raincoats in a cageAutumn is a golden time, when hot days are behind, and a cold snap is already close. Light sundresses, T-shirts and shorts are replaced by jumpers, trousers and elongated dresses. Slowly, outerwear begins to add to the wardrobe.

Fashionable cardigans, jackets, coats, raincoats – helpers of a woman in the 2019-2020 season.

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Actual news of outerwear

Various models of outerwear were presented at the latest shows of Fashion Week. Formal trench coats and jackets for a business woman; cozy cardigan or poncho for romantic natures; stylish jeans for girls who prefer a sporty style.

For a colder period of time, you should pay attention to insulated coats, down jackets, parks and short fur coats.

The variety of colors and the availability of prints remains unchanged every year. From year to year, the cage remains the favorite pattern of women of fashion.

Plaid raincoats and trench coats

In the autumn-winter period, trench coats and raincoats 2019-2020 will become fashionable outerwear for women of any age.

Designers are not limited in the choice of color, length and cut. On the catwalks, long fitted models in a multi-colored check shine, as well as oversized loose raincoats.

These types of clothes will put the finishing point in creating a graceful look.

Plaid cloak


RUB 3,790

Plaid cloak

Cloak by Stradivarius

RUB 3,999

You can combine the outfit with any elements, both in a monochromatic color scheme, and with other patterns, combined with a cage. Raincoats with a multi-colored print look great.

Stylish trench coats in a cage are perfect for street style and business looks.

Check Jackets, Blazers & Blazers

One of the main trends in stylish clothing of the season will be check jackets and blazers. Simple cut and bright colors will look breathtaking on female representatives.

A modest and at the same time fashionable bow will be complemented by jackets with buttons in two rows, jackets without accessories, reminiscent of a cape and models with an emphasis on the shoulders and waist.

Jacket O'stin 3 499 rub.

Jacket O’stin

RUB 3,499

Fashionable cage in the fall: attention to jackets, raincoats and coats

Suit Bezko

RUB 8,900

Jacket in a cage

Jacket NIRVANA, Mango

RUB 8,499

Jacket in a cage

Jacket Befree

RUB 1,399

A plaid jacket goes well with knitted dresses, trousers, skirts and shorts made of suit and corduroy fabrics. Also, a wardrobe item goes well with a white shirt or top, gray or black jeans.

Plaid coat

The coat remains a permanent classic of outerwear.

Designers do not limit their choice of products. It can be short, long, or just below the knee of the model. Coats with two sides or two rows of buttons also look elegant.

Plaid print looks best on coats made from wool and tweed. Checkered capes, a kind of oversize and models that pay attention to the shoulders and waist, are in demand in the autumn-winter season 2019-2020.

Plaid coat

Coat by Vero Moda

RUB 5,499

Plaid coat

Style national coat

RUB 16,000

In the winter season, the coat can be decorated with fur inserts along the entire length. The product looks elegant if the fur is located on the cuffs and collar.

Check Cardigans

Soft and cozy knitted cardigans are a favorite of many fashionistas. The item of clothing is positioned with a warm jacket with a fastener (buttons, zipper) or without (in the form of a cape).

Check cardigan


94 401 ₽

Check cardigan

Mango Check Cardigan

4240 RUB

Check cardigan

Nota Bene Cardigan

RUB 2 149

Check cardigan

United Colors of Benetton Cardigan

RUB 7,499

In the autumn-winter season, designers suggest paying attention to cardigans made of knitwear, dense suiting fabric, denim and leather. Thanks to the variety of colors and styles, the owner of cozy clothes will ideally create an image for evening walks, meeting friends and just going to the store.

Throughout the day, women want to stay stylish and elegant. A well-chosen image says a lot about its owner.

To make the bow look harmonious, dilute it with additional accessories.

Cell types

According to designers, the leading position of the 2019-2020 season will be taken by the cage among prints. The shape of the picture can be varied – both large-sized options and small figures.

Scottish cage “tartan”

The famous British pattern consists of a variety of diagonal, horizontal and vertical stripes. The ornament is considered a traditional kilt design and its structure can tell a lot about the wearer.

Scottish cage

Now tartan is a popular print of the season.

Pie-de-bullet, or “goose foot”

This ornament is often referred to as a “dog’s tooth” or “broken cage”. The two-tone geometric pattern resembles abstract polygons. The classic pied-de-bullet model consists of an interweaving of four light and four dark threads.

Pie-de-bullet, or

The traditional color combination is black and white.

Vichy cell

The epitome of the 1960s has not lost its relevance since the middle of the 19th century. Consists of squares of the same size, but in two different shades.

Vichy cell

Brigitte Bordeaux and Marilyn Monroe preferred this print in their wardrobe.

Christian Dior, Off-White and Paco Rabanne have delighted with new collections with this ornament.

Windor’s cage

The Prince of Wales, Windsor Cage, or Glenchik is the name of a pattern that has held a leading position for several seasons.

Windor's cage

A classic print, consisting of thin dark and light stripes combined into wide stripes located perpendicular to each other.


The print borrowed from the men’s wardrobe is now worn with pleasure by women. The ornament consists of narrow contrasting lines that form large squares on a plain canvas.

Windowpane cage

Required image attributes

Accessories are eye-catching little things that complete the look. Such an addition performs two functions: to decorate (brooch, glasses, belt) and to warm (shawl, scarf, hat).

In the fall-winter 2019-2020 season, they prefer a warming goal, but they also do not forget to decorate the image.

Top 8 fashion items

  • Belt or belt.
  • Snood, shawl, long scarf.
  • Bag.
  • Hats.
  • Glasses.
  • Gloves.
  • Brooches.
  • Shoes.

We will analyze how to choose the right one or another accessory

  1. When choosing, you need to take into account the style, material, color and additional decoration on outerwear.
  2. Correctly placed visual accents are the key to success. Something one can be voluminous and bright. For example, do not complement a coat with a voluminous collar with a large scarf.
  3. Many girls believe that the bag, shoes and gloves should be in the same color scheme. A more harmonious combination is observed when choosing bright shoes and accessories in pastel shades. Gloves must match at least one piece of the bow in color.
  4. It is better for women with voluminous forms to prefer large attributes, and vice versa for miniature ones. Such a ratio will not lead to the stratification of the image.
  5. You should not use the maximum number of additional strokes at the same time – the image will immediately lose its appearance.

The main thing is to create a semantic unity of details. When choosing clothes in a cage, pay attention to the compatibility of shades and shapes. This is what will bring sophistication and sophistication to the appearance.

How to wear plaid accessories

Details with a checkered print are gaining popularity in the autumn-winter season. In most cases, these are bags and scarves. Clothing and accessories don’t have to be in the same geometric print.

Checked bag

Bags with this ornament are observed in different shapes: from compact Chanel to bulky Louis Vuiton.

It is more practical to choose a leather accessory than a rag one. This option is suitable for creating a casual look.

Check bags

Choose a bright square with the correct geometric shape. It is worth noting that the print looks paler in leather than in fabric.

A festive event, a restaurant, a celebration or a business meeting – in any case, a checkered bag will add elegance to your look.

Check scarf

A checked scarf can serve as an auxiliary accent in creating a fashionable bow. For a sporty and casual look, wear square plaid shawls. And for a romantic or austere genre, choose flowing silk or warm woolen stoles.

Check scarves

The small check pattern is perfect for solid colors. Combine scarves with large figures as “top-bottom”: that is, it will be inappropriate to put on a coat in a large cage – and tie a scarf with the same pattern around your neck.

The 2019-2020 season presents a huge selection of clothes and accessories with a checkered print. Over the years, the pattern has steadfastly secured its position at Fashion Weeks. Simplicity and classics on the one hand, and sophistication and elegance on the other, are combined in one thing.

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