Fashionable eyebrows in 2020 – trends of the season

The look is a woman’s main weapon in conquering a man. In the language of military terminology, the girl’s eyes are a means of defeating excess power. However, to take full advantage of their potential, you need to give the look the necessary parameters. The whole secret of this magic lies in the eyebrows. Beauty experts know what shades and shapes will be popular in 2020.

Trendy eyebrows 2020

What is natural is not ugly

Makeup artists offer fashionistas to get closer to Mother Nature and leave their eyebrows alone. They advise using a clear outline only in the eyelid area. This will maximize the look of the lady. In addition, stylists recommend completely abandoning cosmetics so as not to overload the image with saturated colors.

Fashionable eyebrows 20201

At the same time, it is necessary to keep:

  • the thickness of the eyebrows;
  • natural color;
  • natural volume, shaggy;
  • softness of bends.

Fashionable eyebrows 20202

If you cannot make such a make-up option, then you need to fill the thinned eyebrow area with a small amount of shadows. This season, stylish girls will have to forget about thin, like threads, forms. This is no longer relevant.

But what to do for those who have them by nature. Then beauty stylists recommend using the microblading technique. Minimalism and softness should be the key guidelines for applying this kind of makeup.

Fashionable eyebrows 20203

Important! At the same time, bushy eyebrows took the palm in 2020. Fashion weeks and glossy magazines showed the whole world how impressive girls look with such a natural make-up. Therefore, the more voluminous the better.

Albinism is in vogue now

An increasingly popular trend in 2020 is bleached eyebrows. This effect is applicable for fans of photo shoots or social events. It is unlikely to be used in everyday life. However, true fashionistas, in order to stand out from the crowd, can safely experiment with such a beauty trick.

Bleached eyebrows 2020

There are several ways to lighten eyebrows:

  • foundation;
  • powder;
  • concealer;
  • pencil.

Bleached eyebrows 20201

However, it is not necessary to completely “erase” them from the face. MAC experts apply regular eyebrow gel to the hairs, thereby slightly removing the contrast. According to Olga Komrakova, a world-renowned makeup artist, this technique is used if a girl wants to soften her eyes.

In addition, this will allow you not to distract attention from other accents on the face: bright lips or facial tone. In addition, this spectacular makeup will make the look deeper and the girls memorable.

Bleached eyebrows 20202

Important! Leading beauty makeup artist of the YSL brand in Russia K. Shabalin does not recommend women of fashion to whiten their eyebrows on their own. This style is not suitable for every girl, because the eyebrows are the most striking detail on the face. Therefore, only experts know how much it is necessary to “dim”, starting from the woman’s color type.

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