Fashionable skirts for fall 2021: from classics to extravagance

Autumn is a great time to experiment with looks, try on new trends, amaze your friends and colleagues with stylish outfits and feel like a real street style diva.

And of course, a skirt can be an important part of your outfit and help you showcase great taste. The expert Bologny told about which skirt should be chosen in the fall of 2021 in order to be definitely known as the main fashionista.

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1. Mini skirts

This year has pleased (and at the same time surprised) us with the return of 2000 trends, including mini-skirts. Frivolous, flirty, daring skirts and skirts have now ceased to be the prerogative of the youngest girls and have become a hot trend for all fashionistas. An early Britney Spears style denim miniskirt is ideal when paired with a classic jacket or sweater.

Mini skirts
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With regard to the notorious principle of “unsuccessful legs must be hidden”, everything is ambiguous here. On the one hand, in the era of body positivity and self-love, the ban on mini for owners of imperfect legs has long been removed and you can see confirmation of this in the accounts of plus-size bloggers. But on the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable in a mini, then you shouldn’t torture yourself. Either try on dark tights, which can hide many nuances, or pay attention to other current models.

Fashionable skirts for fall 2021: from classic midi to extravagant fringe
Photo @janinagriefhahn

2. Preppy skirts

Many stars, such as Cara Delevingne, have already confirmed the return of the preppy style, so it’s time to buy a skirt in the spirit of an exemplary schoolgirl.

Plaid, tweed, straight or pleated, strict or playful – all options are possible. Feel free to be inspired by the relaunched Gossip Girl series and repeat the images of the heroines.

Preppy skirts
Photo @seaofshoes

3. Knitted midi

Once upon a time, all fashion critics scolded Miss Kardashian for her love of knitted skirts below the knee, and this season her favorite style has become a fashion trend.

By the way, in the fall of 2021, knitwear in any form is more relevant than ever, so hurry up to introduce it into your wardrobe both as cozy nude skirts and in the form of dresses and cardigans.

Knitted midi
Photo @poppydelevingne

4. Skirts with fringes

Fringe of all stripes returned to the podiums last year and continues its victorious march. We have already seen dresses and skirts with fringe at the shows of Fendi, Hermes, Coperni, and now is the time to introduce the same into our everyday wardrobes.

Moreover, such a model, which combines femininity and the bohemian spirit of freedom, will look quite interesting and will certainly set you apart from the crowd.

Fringed skirts
Photo @marlotts

5. Leather skirts

In principle, leather skirts did not disappear anywhere. They could be regularly seen, both on the stars, on and on fashion bloggers, but this season they started talking about as a trend.

Depending on the type of figure and your courage, you can give preference to a leather mini-skirt, pencil skirt, pleated, wraparound.

Leather skirts
Photo @tsangtastic

6. Pleated skirts

If your wardrobe does not yet have a pleated skirt, then you need to urgently purchase it.

The below-the-knee style with many folds was shown on the catwalks in the collections of many brands and today is one of the main trends in fall 2021.

And the pleated skirt looks very feminine and suits both skinny girls and delicious young ladies.

Pleated skirts
Photo @missmondo

7. Quilted skirts

The apr├Ęs-ski style, which has become one of the main trends of this fall-winter 2021 season, invites fashionistas to pay attention to unusual models of skirts – quilted.

Do not be intimidated by such a novelty, which is rarely found on the streets so far. In the near future, she will definitely win the hearts of all the inhabitants of the middle lane thanks to her practicality and warmth.

Quilted skirts
Photo @pernilleteisbaek

Asymmetrical skirts

Fashion bloggers suggest that we abandon banal symmetrical models and purchase more extravagant options for skirts.

It can be asymmetrical cut, details, different colors and even a combination of different textures. In short, the more unusual, the better.

Asymmetrical skirts
Photo @carodaur

Peplum Skirts

You’ve probably already heard that the Basque is back in fashion. She could be seen in many spring-summer and autumn-winter collections. So, it’s time to look for a skirt model that contains this element.

After all, a peplum can be not only a trend of the season, but also an excellent tool for body shaping and adding femininity.

Peplum Skirts
Photo @seaofshoes

Plaid skirts

The checkerboard, which became a hit in the winter of 2021-2022, is firmly holding its position and now invites us to purchase a skirt in a contrasting cage.

Such an unusual print provides complete freedom of imagination. It can be implemented in any style and can be mixed with both a strict office jacket and a regular T-shirt. Take note!

Fashionable skirts for fall 2021: from classic midi to extravagant fringe
Photo @camillecharriere

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