Fashionable summer makeup – trends of summer 2019 for eyes

Summer makeupSummer is the time when you want to do with a minimum of makeup, because in warm and hot weather, walking the streets with a thick layer of makeup on your face is not the most pleasant pleasure. But, at the same time, there is a desire to add bright colors to your image. And there is no need to fight with it! After all, the trends of summer makeup in 2019 are just a combination of rich colors and a minimum of cosmetics on the face.

The focus on the eyes is a bold and creative solution! Since your eye makeup will be bright, you need to consider their color.

Brown eyes – summer makeup 2019

Brown eye color is very contrasting. However, in terms of the selection of shades of cosmetics, it is universal.
Blue shadows will serve as a nice reference to the 80s, which is very relevant this season! Choose your the perfect shade of blue is correct: light brown eyes will suit cornflower blue, chocolate – royal blue, and dark brown – indigo. It’s okay not to pay too much attention shading shadows: they can be applied neatly and in a “mono” version, without the use of extraneous shades.

palette for blue eyes

If this is a radical step for you, then you can turn to blue arrows or mascara of the same shade. You can also apply blue kayal to the mucous membrane, in addition, by painting over the eyelashes with black mascara. These options are lighter and are perfect for daytime makeup.

Blue arrows

Don’t want to be limited to blue, or just don’t like cool shades? It doesn’t matter, because this summer they will be extremely popular shadows of warm colors! Brick red, terracotta, yellow-orange shades – choose any, because each of them will suit brown eyes. However, such shadows will need to be shaded as smoothly as possible, otherwise there will be a risk of making the eyes look painful.

Maybelline Gigi Hadid Warm Eyeshadow Palette
Maybelline Gigi Hadid Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup for gray eyes in the trends of summer 2019

Well dyed ciliary contour and black or dark brown kayal on the mucosa is definitely one of the best options for those with gray eyes!

After applying the pencil blend slightly his, however, the makeup should not turn into a classic “smokey ice”: leave a slight incompleteness, limiting yourself to one tool.

Do not forget make up and eyelashes.

Makeup for gray eyes

If you’re thinking of adding color, go for a matte deep pink shade. Perhaps even a pink electrician. It will look very interesting on gray eyes.

Shadows are best applied to the crease of the eyelid, after which they will need to be shaded well. And in the case of pink eyeliner, don’t make the arrow too long.

Mascara in this makeup it is better to use black.

Pink arrows for gray eyes

Girls with gray eyes can use a muted copper shade with a small amount of glitter in the composition. Apply eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, blend thoroughly, and then lightly paint over the lower eyelid with the same shade. Accentuate the mucous membrane with dark kayal, thickly paint your eyelashes – and become the owner of a stunning evening make-up.

Blue eyes – fashionable summer makeup 2019

In contrast with blue eyes, they will look advantageous warm matte shades of brown… It is in combination with this color of the iris that they look as bright as possible. And if you want add shine, then I recommend paying attention to the following options: bronze and peach shadows with a light shimmer.

By the way, the underlined shining shadows of the lower eyelid… Be sure to take a closer look at this option.

Makeup for blue eyes

For trendy one-color makeup, choose brighter shades of shadows, since pale tones on blue eyes will have to be complemented with a cut-off pattern.

But as for the arrows, then light eyeliners good option for blue eyes. Various pastel shades of this product will help to create a touching, delicate, but at the same time creative image.

by the way, in this case it is better to use dark brown mascara, as black will look too contrasting.

Green eyes in summer 2019 makeup

For green eyes, purple, eggplant and lilac shades will be an excellent way to emphasize your already “summer” iris color. If you love makeup using eyeshadow, choose lilac tones… And if you prefer shooters, then take on a purple eyeliner.

Makeup for green eyes

By the way, green eye color works well with shades close to the color of the iris itself… It can be emerald, pistachio, grassy and aquamarine.

Dark brown shades will look great too. If you still want to add colors to your makeup, then add to dark brown smokey ice a highlight of green shining shadows in the middle of the upper eyelid.

Summer 2019 makeup trends independent of eye color

Finally, don’t forget about the universal trends of the summer season:

  • Add some polish to the skin… Use any kind of highlighter: Either apply dry products to your cheekbones as a finishing touch, or add a drop of liquid to your foundation and apply boldly to your face.

But consider: the skin should not look oily! In summer, under the influence of heat, the sebaceous and sweat glands work much more actively, and therefore do not get carried away by the abundance of highlighters.

  • Use bright lipstick… Pay attention to shades of pink, especially fuchsia. By the way, if you love matte lipsticks, then it’s time to add some variety and remember about glossy ones! Brown and coffee shades of lipsticks will also be popular this summer. If you wish, find a use for them in your daily make-up.

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