Fashionable women’s swimwear 2014 – for a hot summer holiday

Choosing a swimsuit won’t be boring this season! Shop shelves are already bursting with an abundance of shapes and styles, you just have to choose your best women’s swimsuit 2014 for an unforgettable summer. Read our review about all kinds of shapes, new trends – and, of course, see the photos.

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Stylish swimwear models 2014 for women – bikinis, trikini, monokini

Beautiful swimwear 2014 is primarily represented by bikinis. Among the main trends in decor are models with long fringes on the bandeau. In general, this season, designers are very much attracted to the bandeau uniform, perhaps for reasons of a comfortable tan?

No white stripes on an even tanned body!
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Another trend is the use of jeans or “under jeans”.

Also still in vogue are high-waisted swimwear a la retro style in 2014 – the perfect solution to hide the tummy.
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If you’re not into sets, get creative with a bikini set.

Advice: use a solid top and bottom, or a solid bottom with a multicolor top.
Some models are richly decorated sequins, sequins, thorns, stones, rhinestones and embroidery
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For modest girls, cute swimwear with ruffles and flounces in the ocean theme.
Fans of prints will love the huge variety of colors in the new 2014 swimwear. Ethno, baroque, paisley, tropics – choose yours!
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An interesting trend this summer is black and red vichy checks and all kinds of polka dots.

Geometric pattern – strip still “in the subject.” Especially beautiful when combined with metal details.
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In animal prints there is a tendency towards extravagant shades and the preservation of the classics.

Fashionable one-piece swimwear 2014 – one-piece swimwear trends for summer 2014

This summer, one-piece swimsuits 2014 delight in their variety. And the most original trend is the use of transparent inserts so as to mislead others – how does the bathing suit hold onto you?

A tempting trend is the use of deep cut – like an open evening dress.
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Black and white theme Surreal one-piece swimsuits 2014 will perfectly highlight your style and uniqueness among the motley crowd on the beach.

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Among the popular models of swimwear 2014 can be noted frank bando, decorated asymmetric on one shoulder strap, seductive monokini and sports in the form of a top and shorts.

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The main thing that should be noted in the new collection of closed swimwear 2014 is exquisite decor… For example, faux embroidery, lace, hand-knitted imitation, leather inserts and exuberant 3-D prints.

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The most fashionable color of swimwear in the summer of 2014

Choose plain models – and you won’t go wrong, because one-color swimwear 2014 in saturated shades is in fashion. The most trending shades: yellow, coral, red, green and orange. And the most popular, according to the symbol of the year – the blue horse, of course, is the blue color scheme – from light turquoise to cobalt.


At the same time, there will always be a demand for original swimwear for summer 2014 with pictures. And in this area the most popular are swimwear of 2014. with flowers, polka dots and stripes

By the way, animal and folk prints less popular this season.

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