Fats on the face – how to get rid of at home

Fats on the face - causes of the defect and methods of effective treatmentThese benign formations – wen – can occur on any part of the body. They are absolutely harmless, and that is why they are most often not noticed. The question – how to get rid of wen – arises only when they appear on the face.

Is it possible to remove wen on the face at home, are they not dangerous?

The content of the article:

  1. What is a wen, how does it look on the face
  2. Causes of the appearance of wen on the face
  3. Types of wen, their characteristic features
  4. 7 ways to remove wen in the beautician’s office
  5. Home remedies for treating wen

What is a wen, and how does it look on the face

Fats are formations on the face in the form of white rashes, which, as the name implies, appear due to subcutaneous fat.

Fats look like small white pimples that cannot be squeezed out. Sometimes I can be located on the face in groups of 2-3 pieces.

Fat on the face - what it looks like
Fat on the face – what does it look like?

Most often, wen are located on the eyelids, cheekbones or wings of the nose.

Causes of the appearance of wen on the face

Sometimes, getting rid of a wen is not enough. He will appear again, in a different place.

The cause of the wen is often hidden inside.

Fats can be the result of diseases and disorders in the body, such as:

1. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus can provoke the appearance of wen on the face due to high blood sugar.

2. Kidney disease

Renal diseases significantly impair the excretory functions of the kidneys, which is why toxins and excess fluid accumulate in the tissues of the body. These pathological processes cause disturbances in the body, including in the skin, provoking the appearance of wen on the face and body.

3. Problems with metabolism

Excessive consumption of fatty foods, high cholesterol levels (adipose tissue is often the result of eating fast food), abundant nutrition – all these are factors that provoke the appearance of adipose tissue.

4. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Diseases of the pancreas, liver disease can be the cause of wen. That is why adipose tissue often occurs with alcoholism, in which, as you know, these organs suffer.

5. Problems with the immune system

Weakened immunity can also make its own adjustments to the appearance of wen on the face and body.

6. Failure to comply with hygiene rules

This can include inappropriate facial skin care, inappropriate cosmetics or hygiene products. For example, if you do not wash off your makeup at night – because of this, the pores are clogged, as a result of which wen appears.

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7. Hormonal disruption

Disorder of hormonal function, more often – in adolescence, before menstruation in the menstrual cycle or during the menopause of a woman – can cause these troubles on the face.

8. Fats may have a genetic cause

There are cases when the occurrence of wen is inexplicable, but the tendency to their occurrence can be traced in relatives. In such a situation, a person simply inherited the wen.

9. Diseases of the endocrine system

Thyroid problems can cause white bumps on your face.

If you notice wen on your face, you should not immediately run to cosmetologists, or even worse, try to get rid of them using folk methods. To start, it is better to be examined in a medical institution and identify their cause.

Most often, wen go away after making some adjustments to the lifestyle: a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and improved hygiene.

Types of wen on the skin of the face, their characteristic features

There are several types of fatty acids:

  • Miliums – in common people they are called white eels. Small white pimples, slightly protruding above the skin. They cannot be squeezed out. This is due to the lack of a duct. Inside the wen contains subcutaneous fat and keratinized cells of the dermis. Miliums can be located in any part of the face (most often on the cheekbones and wings of the nose), either one at a time or in groups. They do not tend to move. Milia can also be found on the skin of a newborn baby.
  • Xanthelasma – compared to milia, they are larger and have a yellowish tint. Often occur in the eye area in groups. They can grow, connect with each other and move. Xanthelasma is soft to the touch.
  • Lipomas – occur in any part of the face, moving when touched. Lipomas can be hard, soft, and vague.
  • Xanthomas – have the property of combining a group of wen in one large xanthoma.
  • Atheroma – often confused with lipoma due to the fact that they look exactly the same and have similar properties. Atheroma occurs due to obstruction of the outflow in the sebaceous glands.
Fats on the face - causes, types of wen
Types of wen on the face

7 ways to remove wen on the face in the beautician’s office

If it was not possible to identify the cause of the appearance of wen, and they do not go away by themselves, then it is worth visiting the beautician’s office.

In the beauty salon, you are guaranteed to remove wen without complications. You can choose a facial cleansing procedure to your taste and on the recommendation of a specialist, today there are many of them.

It is worth noting that a professional cosmetologist will never undertake to remove a fatty tissue on the face if it is inflamed, has a purple or brown color, is prone to rapid growth or is under the skin – in these cases need to visit a dermatologist… Deep or large fatty tissue is removed only by the surgeon!

The way to remove a wen on the face and body depends on the size and many more factors that experts take into account
The way to remove a wen on the face and body depends on the size and many more factors that experts take into account

1. Removal of a wen by injection method

A medicine is injected into the wen with a needle, which has the property of resorption. The lump will gradually fade over several weeks.

  • The plus is the absence of scars and scars.
  • The downside is that you cannot use this method in advanced situations.

2. Mechanical removal of the wen

The fat is pierced, followed by squeezing out the contents.

If the patient wishes, it is possible to use local anesthesia, since the procedure is relatively painful. This method is the most common and the most cost-effective.

  • It is not recommended to carry out such a procedure at home, as complications in the form of infections may arise.
  • In the form of a minus – scars on the skin after surgery.

3. Removal of wen by laser method

This procedure is less painful. Using a laser, the top layer of the skin is incised – and the wen is removed along with the capsule.

  • The advantages of this method include: the absence of blood, scars and scars, there is no risk of infection.
  • But – this method of removing wen on the face is more costly.

4. Electrocoagulation

This procedure is quite painful, so local anesthesia is mandatory.

In terms of efficiency, it can be compared with the removal of wen using a laser. The fat is cauterized with a current.

  • This method is less expensive than laser, but it has its drawbacks in the form of many contraindications: diseases of the circulatory system, cancer, herpes.

After removing the wen by this method, a crust remains on the skin, which disappears after a couple of weeks.

5. Radio wave removal

The procedure is painless and without blood. It is performed under local anesthesia.

The operation takes about 15 minutes, after which you can safely go home.

  • Subsequently, there is no discomfort in the face area, and no scars remain.

6. Puncture-aspiration removal

A needle with a lumen is inserted into the wen, after which its contents are extracted using an electric pump.

  • There are no scars or scars left after the operation.

7. Chemical peeling

An acid solution is applied to the skin, which destroys the surface layer of cells. The acid penetrates into the epidermis, destroying the membranes of the wen.

  • This method is used with a large number of formations on the face.
Surgical removal of a large wen - lipoma
Surgical removal of a large wen – lipoma

Home remedies for treating wen on the face – is it possible, and how to remove wen at home

Often, without attaching much importance to wen, many of us ourselves at home try to solve this problem. But, due to inexperience, they only aggravate the situation.

Home treatment cannot guarantee complete elimination of adipose tissue – therefore, even if you are completely convinced of traditional methods, you should not neglect going to a dermatologist or cosmetologist for a consultation.

Start treatment with non-traditional methods only on the recommendation of a professional!

Removing wen at home

Basically, the people use the following for the treatment of wen on the face:

  1. Vishnevsky ointment. An ointment is rubbed onto the inflamed area abundantly, for several minutes, so that it gets into the deep layers of the skin and begins to exert its effect. From above, the wen is covered with a cotton swab and fixed with a plaster. You need to change such a bandage daily, until it is completely cured.
  2. Vodka compress. Vodka, due to the high concentration of alcohol, has a good disinfecting effect. Compresses should be done every day, diluting ½ vodka with water to avoid burns of the epithelium. After the first compress, the wen will decrease in size. Do not use for eyelids!
  3. Nettle. It is better to use nettle as an infusion. We take the stinging varieties of the plant together with the root – and boil it, like a regular decoction, let it brew for half a day. Treatment is carried out by applying conventional compresses with infusion at night. The plant, due to its healing properties, very quickly burns fat in the adipose tissue and promotes the resorption of formations on the skin.
  4. Vegetable oil. Spread a few grams of refined oil on a small piece of cloth, place on the skin in the place of the wen and cover with paper so as not to stain clothes. You can additionally cover the top with a handkerchief. 3-4 compresses for 10 minutes is enough to notice the effect that is achieved by maintaining a warm environment with the oil, in which the fat in the wen quickly melts – and dissolves.
  5. Raw chicken egg. The main thing is that the egg is fresh, and preferably from homemade chicken. A film is separated from the inner shell, which must be applied to the wen with the protein side. When the film is dry, it must be removed. It is recommended to carry out this procedure 2 times a day. After 10 days, the film will draw out the fat and heal the skin.

The website warns: the information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not a medical recommendation. Performing self-cosmetic procedures at home, you completely take full responsibility for the wrong choice or non-compliance with the techniques.
We recommend that you consult a beautician or dermatologist for advice!

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