Felix Baumgartner Net Worth

Felix Baumgartner Net Worth

Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian sky diver who has amassed his fortune through his profession. Known for performing numerous daring and daredevil jumps that have garnered him widespread acclaim, Baumgartner has amassed awards and accolades throughout his career for his efforts and is also involved with multiple businesses that add value to his net worth.

His fascination with danger began as a child when he dreamed of jumping from high places. After joining the Austrian military and practicing parachuting there, he soon developed an adventurous side which eventually lead him to break records for highest building parachute jumps (at age 30 from Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Tower) before flying across the English Channel with custom carbon fiber wings four years later.

He donned a pressure suit similar to what astronauts wear in space during his 2012 jump from the stratosphere back down, which proved extremely uncomfortable at times, yet persevered to reach his goal and achieve record status – which earned millions for him commercially and cemented him as one of the most notable action sports personalities worldwide.

At present, his estimated net worth stands at $5 Million due largely to his professional career as a skydiver and BASE jumper. Additionally, he has made significant earnings through endorsement deals such as Red Bull, Northland Professional and Zenith watches, featuring in TV shows and movies which has further raised his fame; receiving many awards along the way.

Felix takes an avid interest in fashion. He was featured on the cover of Global Fashion Network magazine and named one of 2017’s ‘Most Stylish Men.’ Felix loves traveling and lives an extravagant lifestyle; with a gorgeous home in Los Angeles and an extensive network of friends.

He is actively involved with various charities and contributes to Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation, among others. Additionally, he is an avid car racer having taken part in notable races like Bathurst 24 Hours. Additionally, he supports right-wing candidates within Austria as well as having served as regular commentator on various sports programs with an expansive social media following.

Though he possesses considerable wealth, his humility belies his great wealth. He serves as an inspiring role model to young people and has received widespread acclaim for his efforts in life and skydiving. A positive outlook towards life encourages others to pursue their goals while his courage will continue to serve as motivation to others – his accomplishments prove that anything can be accomplished if one works hard and believes in oneself.

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