Female and male names for a child born under the zodiac sign Capricorn

Names suitable for CapricornThis is a rather difficult zodiac sign to characterize. Children grow up quite quickly, which is expressed in behavior and actions. Small and adult Capricorns do not like to show their feelings, maintaining a mask of indifference and indifference. They do not tolerate pretense and deception. These are individuals who are capable of achieving a lot with their perseverance. On a firm refusal, the baby will definitely try again, but will get his own.

Best name for a boy

Capricorn boys are distinguished by their characteristic endurance and performance. They strive to put everything in order and put it in its place. Criticism and one’s own mistakes are perceived rather painfully – this is explained by increased ambition. Capricorns are constantly working on themselves, which helps to achieve their goals and earn respect.

Self-sufficient and self-confident people who are able to find a solution in any situation, and conservative views do not interfere with enjoying life. Patience and perseverance are present in everything. The name must be approached responsibly – this will enhance the best qualities of character, and soften the negative ones.

Zodiac sign Capricorn name for boy


Translated from Scandinavian means “golden-voiced”. Developed imagination, sensitivity and patience with slight vulnerability require special attention from others. Energetic and positive in character, Capricorns with pleasure and courage rush into new projects, achieving success and prosperity. Askolds are able to understand the character of the interlocutor almost at a glance, which helps to exclude dangerous connections.


Differs in perseverance, determination and independent character. This is an ancient Slavic name meaning “defender of glory.” The independence and initiative inherent in Capricorns are amplified several times. The inherent laziness decreases, which is manifested by activity and mobility in completing current affairs.


The name gives its owner self-confidence and efficiency. A strong will and firmness is noted in the character. This is the soul of the company, able to offer a lot of proposals for fun and relaxation in a few minutes. A kind and caring Capricorn, under the influence of this name, is ready to take all stray dogs and cats to him and surround him with care.


Neat and thorough, has a pronounced sensitivity and vulnerability. The outer mask of simplicity hides a high intellectual with developed logical thinking. Each action is calculated several moves ahead, which helps to win in any business.


The name reinforces persistent notes in character, gives restraint in words with constancy in views and attitude to life. He does not like noisy companies, preferring quiet and cozy conversations in his favorite place. Friendship means a lot to him, so 2-3 friends from childhood remain for life.


Endowed with practicality, poise and seriousness. Such traits help to achieve great success in work. Gentle and good-natured individuals have a strong spirit and confidence in their actions. These are delicate and honest natures, unable to betray a loved one.


Confident and prudent person with a sensitive and responsive heart. Great willpower and patience help you achieve a lot in life. An agile and energetic Capricorn with such a name learns easily and loves to read everything, which helps to diversify. Myrons play chess and go in for sports, doing modeling during breaks.


The name gives the characteristic Capricorn practicality and poise. Activity and liveliness endows Svyatoslav with a sociable character, which helps to manipulate other people. They are ambitious and ambitious people with a firm, even tough character. During the dispute, he will stand by his opinion until the victorious result.


The name comes from Germany and means “sacred guard.” He is a strong and balanced person with a practical and purposeful outlook on life. Edik’s unobtrusiveness and benevolence is noticeable at first sight. Excessive indecision interferes with making decisions on his own, so he avoids responsibility.

Name for Capricorn girl

They have independence and easy secrecy, forcing them to spend a lot of time in their inner world. This is a serious and practical person, endowed with sophisticated manners and attractive appearance. Girls are distinguished by a rational mindset, practicality and independence. Capricorns are demanding of themselves and those around them, which sometimes gives the impression of coldness and rudeness. Girls study well enough and help their parents with housework.

Zodiac sign Capricorn name for girl

Alexandra, Sandra, Olesya

Endowed with a strong and strong-willed character. Independent and purposeful individuals always achieve their goals. Do not succumb to other people’s influence, which protects against disappointment and pain. Friends are confident in their support, but you should not abuse trust – this is stopped immediately.


Differs in an inquisitive and generous character. Spiritual strength makes them responsive and benevolent. Laughing and mocking other people’s failures and problems is not in their nature, but they are able to show harshness in relation to their ill-wishers.


Translated from Latin, it means “strong”, which is confirmed by composure and concentration. They are kind and helpful girls who are always ready to respond to help. Decisions are made independently, having previously studied all the nuances and possible risks. They feel deception and lies intuitively, not allowing themselves to be manipulated.


The name came from the Celts, which translates as “beauty”. This is a decisive and independent person with a pronounced categorical character. Benevolence and responsiveness extends only to close people and faithful friends. New people are treated with caution, not showing themselves.


Endowed with deep sensitivity and responsibility, and firmness of character helps to achieve success in any endeavor. A little secretive and cold, Lyuba reveals herself to friends and family from the other side. She is not capable of betrayal and deception, which she does not accept from others.


A responsive and patient girl who will not quit in difficult times. Concentration and practicality give strength and confidence in all matters. In studies, it can be negligent, therefore, supervision by adults is required.


It is translated from Scandinavian as “sacred”. This is a confident and strong person who approaches any business with sufficient prudence and practicality. A cheerful and active girl achieves any goals. Helps the weak, but stops manipulation attempts.


It is characterized by a diligent and serious disposition, where inner experiences are hidden behind a mask of indifference and coldness. Reveals sensuality and inherent emotionality only in the circle of friends and family. Stubborn and self-critical, which is appreciated by others


A straightforward and consistent girl in everything. Curiosity and passion allows you to achieve a lot in life. He likes to chat about everything, so you shouldn’t share secrets – he doesn’t know how to keep secrets. An imperious and strong personality, but knows how to hide these traits behind a mask of good nature and gentleness.

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