Female and male names for a child born under the zodiac sign of Pisces

Zodiac sign Pisces namePeople under the influence of Neptune are endowed with deep sensitivity and developed intuition. Pisces are susceptible to the thoughts of the people around them and subtly sense someone else’s mood. During communication, they unconsciously begin to adopt the movements and views of the interlocutor. External circumstances have a huge impact on Rybok, so they need a reliable and self-confident mentor nearby.

Mystery and mysticism always reigns next to them. A correctly chosen name will help strengthen the child’s best qualities in character and reduce the influence of negative ones. Fish have a rich imagination and imagination, which makes them constantly indulge in dreams. They are insecure and absent-minded individuals who constantly require adult help. They cannot be left without control and attention, as well as deprived of support – this will give them confidence in their actions.

What name should a boy choose?

Dreaminess and intuition are present in everything and always. Pisces are lazy enough, so they need a person who will encourage them to take action. They like to rely on luck and fortune, in which they are clear favorites. The mood tends to change in a split second, which makes communication difficult. Good-natured and benevolent Pisces are always surrounded by friends who are attracted by their softness and responsiveness.

From early childhood, a boy needs to develop confidence and determination in order to facilitate the further path through life. With a feeling of full support from loved ones, the boy will be able to achieve great success. The absence of a mentor nearby will lead to the fact that the Pisces will prefer to rely on luck.

Zodiac sign Pisces name for boy


He is a sociable and cheerful person who is able to keep up a conversation on any topic. Easily addicted and artistic, he needs constant support from loved ones. He treats all difficulties with his inherent ease and optimism.


Radiates sincere responsiveness and understanding of other people’s problems. She is a dreamy person with a positive and cheerful attitude towards life. The support of the close environment is required to increase your own confidence in actions and decision-making.


He is a confident and calm person, capable of infecting everyone with his love of life. He is able to support any conversation, but prefers to be alone. He does not like to share his own thoughts, so he is often considered too withdrawn and cold. But this is a loyal and devoted friend who will lend his shoulder in difficult times.


This is a person who radiates steadfastness and confidence. An optimist with a judicious attitude to what is happening. Endowed with a kind soul and responsiveness to other people’s troubles, therefore, he is always surrounded by friends and acquaintances. It takes a push from a strong mentor to win.


The name fills its owner with kindness and gentleness. A person who is benevolent by nature and sympathetic gathers around him those who need help and support. Endowed with common sense and a balanced character. He achieves great heights in life, but this requires the help and support of his close environment.


A good-natured and artistic person, capable of conveying the fullness of feelings and emotions. Thoughts are distinguished by prudence and clarity. The boy has a developed intellect, which helps him easily cope with all difficulties and obstacles. He never refuses to help those in need, which often harms him.


Differs in independence and poise, but for this he needs the help of others. This is a reasonable and calm person, capable of achieving great heights. Natural laziness requires constant control on his part and from his parents. Being carried away by nature, Rodion can simultaneously have several interests, which he copes with easily and easily.


The name is filled with kindness and dreams, which can be seen with the naked eye. With the support of a strong mentor, he becomes a strong and whole person. He does not like to interfere in the affairs of others and does not tolerate the same in relation to himself. Success requires the support of his inner circle, so he is looking for a strong and loyal friend.

Best name for a girl

The facial features of Pisces are distinguished by their mobility and slight vagueness, which often creates certain difficulties in describing their appearance. Girls are filled with natural grace and tenderness, and a soft heart sympathizes with all the disadvantaged. They radiate love and understanding, which is especially appreciated. They constantly need external support in order to feel confident in their actions.

Zodiac sign Pisces name for girl

Agatha, Agafya

They have a subtle sense of humor and logic. A rich imagination and daydreaming makes it possible to achieve success in creativity. Difficult sciences are difficult, which presents certain difficulties for girls. They are kind and sympathetic natures who help everyone – people and animals.


The name fills the owner with sincerity and sensitivity. They are active and self-confident individuals with prudence and clarity of thought. They are sometimes rude, but this lack of aggression softens. After such an attack, Anna quickly cools down and will always ask for forgiveness.


She is a calm and self-confident girl with a kind and sympathetic heart. Prudence and common sense help you to achieve great success. Perseverance and patience are manifested from early childhood, which is expressed in the achievement of the set goal by all available means.


The girl has good nature and a sensitive soul. Proud and confident personality, therefore, he does not tolerate criticism – it hurts a sensitive soul. There are few abilities for complex sciences, but stubbornness makes them achieve better results.

the Rose

The owner is distinguished by a patient enduring disposition, which gives great chances of becoming successful in many areas. Prudence and clarity of thoughts help to recognize lies and deception, so it cannot be misled. The girl achieves perfection in everything – this increases her self-esteem.


The name is characterized by independence and impulsiveness in actions and deeds. Feelings and emotions often overshadow the voice of reason, which makes it difficult to make the right decisions. To achieve her goals, she needs an assistant and mentor. Kind and sympathetic Faina never refuses to help.

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