Female cynicism: why is this happening?

Modern women are often accused of being overly cynical. Has cynicism really become an integral part of our life? And why do we get cynical? Let’s try to figure it out!

Female cynicism

What is cynicism?

Psychologist A.Ya. Antsupov gives the following definition: “Cynicism is a negative spiritual and moral quality of a person, manifested in arrogance, rude frankness, contemptuous arrogant attitude towards culture and generally accepted foundations and norms of life and behavior.” That is, a cynical person not only does not agree with certain foundations, but is also not afraid to talk about it. As a rule, they talk about cynicism about people who express their point of view in a joking manner and are not afraid that others will be distorted by their words.

Many people think that cynicism is just an attempt to impress others. Sometimes this is the case, for example, men often use the mask of “cynicism” to seem more interesting or to channel aggression in a socially acceptable way. You don’t have to go far for an example: it is worth remembering at least the images described by M.Yu. Lermontov. All his heroes were notorious cynics, who, nevertheless, due to this, stood out from the rest and knew how to take possession of a woman’s heart.

But why do girls become cynical? After all, it is believed that they should be characterized by gentleness and tact?

Why can a woman become cynical?

Women become cynical for the following reasons:
Cynicism in women

  • Defensive reaction… Cynics are often afraid, which means that they get the opportunity to alienate those who are too obsessive to seek communication.
  • Trying to express your point of view sincerely… According to the above definition, cynicism is the loosening of the established with a glance. Traditional values ​​in the modern world are losing their relevance, although not everyone agrees with this. Expressing her point of view, even in a playful form, a woman runs the risk of being branded as cynical and rude.
  • Psycho-emotional trauma… Joking about their pain or intolerable experiences can make a person look like a real cynic. However, behind this mask there are wounds that others do not even know about.
  • The desire to be “no worse than men”… Cynicism is often considered a male privilege. Crude jokes on “generally accepted values” can raise a woman in her own eyes, make “equal” to the representatives of the “stronger sex”.

They say that the more cynical a person is, the more vulnerable his soul is.

Cynicism – not a bad personality trait. Indeed, thanks to him, you can rethink your experiences and take a fresh look at the events of the world around you. Try to control your cynicism and do not let it spoil your relationship with others, and then it will only benefit you!

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