Fender John Mayer Special Edition Black1 Stratocaster Electric Guitar

The Fender jmSE Black1 Stratocaster features the same specs as the original model, with gold hardware and a custom-designed gig bag. The instrument also comes with a John Mayer patch set and INCASE(r) super-protective gig bag, designed in collaboration with the artist. The strap and nylon string are padded for comfort. The gig bag is fully lined, with modular accessory compartments.

The limited-edition black1 Stratocaster is available only in the U.S., where the price of the guitar is $1,499. The guitars feature the same features as Mayer’s signature 2005 model, including a slightly oversized “C”-shaped neck and “Big Dipper” single-coil pickups. The guitar’s gold hardware adds a special touch to the guitar. Incase gig bags also feature modular accessory compartments, allowing players to customize them to suit their tastes. The black Stratocaster comes with a patch set for easy replacement of damaged strings.

The jmSE Black1 Stratocaster is one of the most popular models of the brand’s iconic Black1 stratocaster. Unlike the regular Black1 Stratocaster, the Black1 Stratocaster is made from a solid wood body and features a “Big Dipper” single-coil pickup. The guitar’s gold hardware is accented with gold hardware.

Despite being limited in quantity, this guitar is a rare find. Earlier this year, Fender announced that it will only produce 500 of the John Mayer special edition Black1 Stratocaster. The guitar is equipped with a custom-wound set of pickups and comes without a back tremolo cover. Those who purchased one can get one today.

The Fender jmstrat is a limited edition guitar designed by the legendary musician. It has a thick “C” shape, gold hardware, and a thin “C”-shaped neck. Besides the thick C-shape neck, the guitar features a gold-plated tremolo and three Big Dipper single-coil pickups. The jmstrat has the same specifications as his 2005 signature model, so it is a unique guitar.

The jmstrat features a black color and is the ultimate in rockabilly. The jmstrat is a reversible Stratocaster, which means it can be played in different directions. Its oversized “C” shape is also the signature of the guitar’s owner. The guitarist also has a signature patch set for this guitar.

A limited run of 500 guitars was produced for this Fender jmstratner special edition. The model is similar to his 2005 signature model, but it has more features. The jmstratster has a “C”-shaped body, gold hardware, and a black rosette. This guitar also has a vintage style. The jmstratster has gold-plated hardware.

The jmstratcher special edition black1 stratocaster has a thick C-shape neck with gold hardware. The Black1 is the most popular Stratcaster of all time, and features the legendary jmstratcaster body. Its “Jmstratster” logo is emblazoned on the headstock, and the jack is mounted on the back of the neck.

The Fender jmstratcher special edition black1 stratocaster is limited to 500 guitars worldwide. The special edition includes the famous black jmstratcher by John Mayer, which is also the name of the guitar. It shares features with his signature model from 2005. The oversized “C”-shape neck and Big Dipper single-coil pickups are key parts of this JMstratcher.

The JMSPECStrat features an alder body and a thick C-shaped maple neck with African rosewood. The guitar is based on a Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster, which was launched in 2009. Upon its launch, the jmstrat was a hit. The original is still available. The jmstratcher is the only artist who plays a custom Strat.

The Fender jmstratcher guitar is available in limited editions and is available in black. Its black body and white neck offer an elegant look, but it also features a black body and white fretboard. The jmstratcher special edition is the perfect instrument for every aspiring guitarist. The guitar’s finish is both black and white, which makes it the perfect choice for many musicians.

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